Making ((Sound)) Waves with DOOH

Published: December 9, 2021

Out-of-home advertising has come a long way from the traditional, static billboard. Today's programmatic capabilities enable advertisers to find inventory and schedule campaigns in minutes while efficiently measuring effectiveness, specifying targeting options, and setting campaign parameters to the same degree as online advertising. And, DOOH's video and audio have gained impressive momentum among marketers. Why? According to Dave Etherington, CCO of Place Exchange, revealed to Adweek, "[OOH audio] really pushes the consumer over that last mile to buy the product." 

Audio's integration with DOOH is helping drive the audio advertising market up by 14.4% to $18.6 billion, as reported by PQ Media's United States Audio Media Forecast 2021. With audio OOH growing momentum, advertisers realize the potential to reach consumers while they are making essential shopping decisions - at their point-of-purchase. Precise targeting and ad placements allow brands to showcase their products to the right consumer at the optimal time. DOOH audio-enabled campaigns are guaranteed to serve relevant content and generate a positive lift in purchase consideration, conversions, and brand sentiment. 

Consumers tend to have a more active mindset when they are out of their homes. Digital-audio outdoor ads can create a significant ripple effect, causing audiences to take advantage of promotions or product deals when seeing the ads on DOOH displays. For example, the American Dairy Association ran a week-long audio DOOH holiday campaign in over 50 locations in Indiana. After comparing it to the previous year, the dairy brand saw a 4% increase in milk sales.  

Adding sound to video DOOH creates a fully-immersive experience that can create lasting memories and boost brand recognition. For example, a tourism company in the Swiss region of Graubünden launched a unique DOOH campaign that featured a man in the mountains calling out to people passing by in real-time. He challenged them to give their best yodel for the chance to take a vacation to a picturesque mountain town. The sound amplified the visuals in creating a memorable and engaging event for everyone involved. 

Audio-enabled DOOH ads allow advertisers to engage consumers with immersive messaging, seamlessly blending into any environment. Specific targeting delivers relevant content during consumer-purchasing intent, creating an immediate effect for brands. And with the emerging and state-of-the-art advancements in programmatic, marketers are eager to include DOOH into their marketing mix. Adomni enables brands to easily plan and launch their DOOH campaigns in minutes. With 30% of the 500,000 real-time connected screens being audio-enabled, advertisers can captivate audiences' attention and drive measurable outcomes. If you're ready to launch your DOOH campaign, our team of DOOH experts is prepared to help at no charge to you! Contact us at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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