More consumer journeys and how DOOH reaches them daily

Published: January 13, 2021

In advertising, they say you need to reach your potential customer multiple times to make a sale. Out of home is the perfect advertising medium to achieve that goal.  Reaching your audience EVERYWHERE has never been easier. Whatever products or services you are selling, DOOH Is guaranteed to help you reach your audience and drive them to buy your product or service. 

Let’s look at some more typical consumers and how out of home reaches them throughout their daily journey.

Richard Freeman: A successful businessman who enjoys the outdoors, living in Colorado with plenty of disposable income. Richard spends his free time playing golf in the summer on one of the many courses throughout Colorado. During each of his golf games, he encounters DOOH ads inside the golf shop on screens, inside his golf cart, and on screens inside the golf course restaurant. 

During the winter months, Richard enjoys skiing and encounters DOOH screens throughout the mountain’s resort, lodge, and lifts displaying ads to Richard and the other patrons during their stay at the resort. 

Ralph Jackson: Ralph is one of the 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States. He is on the road more than he is at home. During his driving routines across the US, he stops at many rest stops, where OOH is always present. Rest stops are a great place to reach the “traveler” audience segment. Digital screens throughout rest stops continually show your audience ads and influence their buying habits. 

Julie Anderson:  Julie lives in the rural midwest and is a teacher at a local middle school. Julie passes a number of digital billboards on her way to and from each day. She exercises several times per week and runs into DOOH ads at the gym as well as the juice bar/coffee shop next door. When Julie and her family go out on weekends, they enjoy bowling and watching movies at the local theater. These establishments are also a great place to reach audiences throughout the daily journey.

Digital out of home is all around us. No matter who you are or what your day looks like, chances are you are seeing DOOH multiple times throughout your day. This is why DOOH is a must-have component of any omnichannel strategy. If you’re ready to plan and launch your DOOH campaign, our team of DOOH experts is ready to help at no charge to you! Contact us at

Written By: Shane Hutton

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