OOH is Coming Out Stronger in 2023 and beyond

By Julia Cramer for Billboard Insider

Published: February 2, 2023

Following a taxing couple of years, out-of-home (OOH) advertising has gradually been on the uphill road to recovery. 2022 has proven this form of advertising to be resilient and thriving, having exceeded industry experts' expectations and forecast projections! According to OAAA, OOH is up over 25%, comparable with the record-breaking revenues seen in 2019 at $6.4 billion.

Let’s take a look at out-of-home’s growth factors and trends and how these will revolutionize outdoor advertising in 2023:

Growth Factors: 

Since the rollout of vaccinations, more and more people have grown comfortable re-entering public spaces. Covid seems less of a concern among Americans, with more than half reported having returned to pre-COVID routines. This statistic has brought a wave of relief to the OOH community but also brought with it more good news than they ever expected! The amount of time spent inside and online has caused an enormous amount of digital fatigue. As a result, more people are taking in their surroundings, including OOH screens! More than 50% of consumers report noticing more OOH ads than in prior years, according to Harris Poll and OAAA’s Q4 2022 report. Aman Nanda, Chief Strategy Officer of Times OOH, accentuates this point, “The marketing fraternity is aware of these trends and is already diverting their ad budgets towards avenues such as airports and other transit formats.”

Anna Bager, President and CEO of OAAA, believes marketers’ firm belief and confidence in this medium’s value has contributed to OOH’s explosive growth. “Key sectors are increasingly investing more dollars – in particular, political spending in out-of-home hit record highs. It confirms OOH’s ability to effectively reach audiences at national and local levels and is surely a harbinger of more momentum to come,” Badger iterates.

Interim CEO of Alfi, Peter Bordes, emphasizes the acceleration of programmatic capabilities stating, “More and more industries are becoming aware of OOH technologies and realizing the benefits of enhanced retargeting, personalization, and campaign attribution and measurement to reach the right person at the right time with the right message.”

What to Expect: 

There is a growing demand for digital in the OOH space- as it costs less and has greater flexibility, relevance, and measurement. Studies show that digital out-of-home (DOOH) will transcend traditional ads and contribute nearly 40% to US OOH ad revenue by 2026. James Leaver, Founder and CEO of Multilocal, states, “In the year ahead, digital advertising will continue to gain strength, with traditional media digitalising alongside it – from linear TV to CTV, and from out-of-home to digital out-of-home.”

Digital screens are not only a more inexpensive solution but also greener! DOOH accommodates multiple advertisements without the added materials. Outdoor advertising traditionally uses a lot of energy to run ads, but in 2023 we will see more media owners moving towards LED lighting, solar energy, and renewable energy to power their screens! Hannah Thompson, Head of Programmatic and ATL of Tug Agency writes, “more proactive measures [will] bring greener solutions to the channels. Within the OOH space, increasing transparency around the emissions that ads produce, introducing carbon offsetting processes, utilising low-weight creative files, and implementing solar-powered DOOH displays are all green initiatives that will play a more prominent role in the year ahead.”

Tech-led innovations will also materialize as more prominent tech companies enter the OOH world. AR, VR, 3D, and anamorphic technology will lead to more interactive opportunities and spectacular creatives. Advertisers are seeing how visual experiences positively affect audiences. For example, Dior created a beautifully-designed DOOH ad to tease their first-ever concept store in Korea. White dresses gracefully float in the glass cabinet screen amid palish pink cherry blossoms. How can one not stop and stare at this enchanting display?

Alfi expects entertainment, government, and retail to be the biggest spenders in DOOH over the next year. “Entertainment and media is ideally suited to DOOH as advertisers can make full use of the technology to provide additional content and the same applies to Government campaigns and the retail sector,” Bordes explains.


OOH is in good shape to prevail in 2023. As adoption accelerates, we will see all forms of OOH blossom in the broader advertising ecosystem – resulting in exciting and untapped programmatic capabilities. Be on the lookout for outstanding creatives, more sustainable measures, and more digital screens in the year ahead and beyond!

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Written By: Julia Cramer

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  • Post published:February 2, 2023
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