Prepare for Holiday Shopping and Travel Surge with DOOH

Published: October 19, 2022

The Harris Poll, in partnership with OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America), released their latest report, "Consumer Insights and Intent Q4 2022," divulging that out-of-home (OOH) advertising is making great strides regarding shopping and travel this holiday season! 

Let's plunge into the key findings and see how advertisers can be ahead of the game this holiday:

US adults are noticing OOH ads more than last year!

Nearly 50% of consumers notice an OOH ad! 

That percentage increases by industry:

  • 4 in 10 recall seeing an OOH Insurance Ad 
  • More than half are noticing Financial Service OOH ads
  • Nearly 60% saw OOH Healthcare Services

Consumers are Prioritizing Winter Travel

Nearly 3 in 5 US adults are planning on traveling for the holidays. Of those traveling: 

  • 64% will travel by car 
  • 55% will travel at least 400 miles roundtrip
  • 48% will travel by plane 
  • 33% will travel longer distances than last year

More holiday travel means a higher chance for consumers to notice and engage with OOH ads in airports, stores, hotels, and more!

Expect Holiday Sales Growth 

Despite inflation, seasonal shopping is still on the rise, with 34% planning to spend more than last year and 24% shopping earlier this year.

Among those planning to shop, 

  • 16% said they are already starting their holiday shopping 
  • 30% said they are shopping in November 
  • 13% said they are spreading out their holiday shopping 

Shoppers plan to spend the most in these product categories: 

  • 48% Clothing 
  • 29% Toys  
  • 28% Technology Products

Value and Convenience are top-of-mind

Consumers will be on the lookout for ads featuring deals and promotions, with three-quarters of shoppers voicing that seeing ads about savings would be most relevant to them. 

83% of consumers are planning to adjust their holiday shopping to account for the state of the economy. And 46% have stated they are sticking to a budget.

Social Media + OOH = Dynamic Duo 

Users are noticing photos of OOH ads posted on their social media platforms, proving that OOH ads boost brand engagement on other channels.

Those that noticed OOH ads in their feeds were more likely to engage with the company online:

  • 48% visited the website
  • 36% searched for the company
  • 35% read reviews
  • 35% asked family and friends about the company


There is no doubt holiday shopping is one of the most significant events for brands and advertisers! As brick-and-mortar stores fill with capacity, it’s necessary to stand out and interest the fast-moving public. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) takes traditional outdoor ads to an elevated level with state-of-the-art programmatic technology to make your ads contextually relevant, flexible, and interactive! If you’re ready to reach consumers during the biggest shopping event of the year, our team is prepared to help you plan your DOOH campaign today at no charge! Contact us at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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