OOH is poised to dominate in 2022

Published: December 14, 2021

The Harris Poll in partnership with OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America) recently published their latest report about consumer mobility, insights, and intent for early 2022, strengthening the enormous possibilities for OOH to intercept consumers and help drive sales. 

Let’s explore the key takeaways and why advertisers are in a unique position to utilize OOH in 2022: 

Consumers are excited to spend time out of home

72% of Americans plan to travel in the first half of 2022 and 48% say they’ve already made their plans.

  • 62% will use their personal vehicle for some or all their travel
  • 51% will travel by airplane

Plus, consumers are anxious to leave their homes, whether that be commuting to work or running errands in early 2022.

  • 86% will visit the grocery store at least once per week
  • 78% of the workforce plan to commute at least part-time 
  • 57% will visit a retail store at least once per week

72% of respondents said they try to get out of the house as often as they can, even if it’s for a walk or a short drive. 

OOH ads are more relevant than ever!

42% of consumers are noticing OOH more than ever and 85% of those that notice the OOH ads find them useful among a variety of information:

  • 42% special offers and promotions
  • 38% COVID-19 safety and hygiene
  • 29% awareness of a new business or service

And different interests dictate the relevancy of the ads they are noticing:

  • 63% notice retail ads 
  • 62% notice fast food 
  • 60% notice food and beverage  
  • 55% notice medical and health services 
  • 54% notice consumer technology 
  • 52% notice automotive 

66% said they are concerned about their online security and safety when using mobile or desktop devices and 62% reported tuning out online digital ads.

OOH fuels online and offline engagement 

  • 67% of both Gen Z and Millennials recall seeing OOH ads reposted on social media
  • 57% recently engaged with OOH in some way:
    • 43% visited advertiser’s website
    • 39% searched for more information
    • 39% made a physical purchase
    • 28% downloaded an app

Consumer engagement with OOH is driven by brand loyalty and creative content, with 62% reporting that they would engage with an ad featuring their favorite product or brand and 54% saying they would engage with something artistic that aligned with their values.

Nearly half of US adults say contextual ads are more interesting with personalized and timely messaging that allows on-the-go consumers to stay up-to-date with relevant information, such as the current weather and or food options at nearby restaurants for the current time of day.

It’s evident that people are spending more time out of their homes and plan to continue looking for experiences and travel in 2022. OOH is engaging and relevant, creating optimal opportunities for brands to interact with their audiences along their consumer journey. Programmatic DOOH campaigns offer brands flexibility, targetability, and measurability, guaranteeing optimal outcomes. If you’re ready to reach consumers outside of their homes next year, our team is prepared to help plan your DOOH campaign today, at no charge to you! Contact us at concierge@adomni.com

Written By: Julia Cramer

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