OOH Synergies: The rising tide that lifts the industry

Published: December 13, 2018

I remember the first time I heard about Uber. A friend told me that “there is this new mobile app that lets you hail a ride, anywhere, anytime, pay with your credit card, and a car shows up in a matter of minutes.” My initial response was “wait, you get in some random person’s car and trust that they will safely take you where you want to go? Hmmmm. …” And then I tried it. There was no turning back.

The recent article, Is the OOH Sky Falling?, reminded me of a piece I recently encountered on organizational change. The article talks about the four psychological stages people and organizations go through when confronted with significant change:

Stage 1: Denial

“Due to the fear of losing belongings, or safety and psychological needs, you usually feel bad and deny the importance of change.”

Stage 2: Resistance

You have “accepted the change, but are now rejecting it.”

Stage 3: Exploration

“After the unsuccessful resistance of change, most start exploring it after realizing they cannot stop the change.”

Stage 4: Commitment

“Commitment is brought about by accepting the change, rather than fighting and ignoring it. After the acceptance, the change is integrated into the processes, thinking and values.”

For full thought leadership piece on OOH Today by Jonathan Gudai click here.

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