Programmatic DOOH is a Real Game Changer

Published: October 5, 2021

The National Football League (NFL) season is kicking off in high gear, with an average of 17.4 million views in the first week alone. That is a 7% increase over the last season and nearly equivalent to 2019, which averaged 17.6 million and remained the highest since 2017, ESPN reported. As we reach the one-quarter mark of the season, it's time to discuss how NFL marketers can improve the way they communicate with sports audiences, especially as the NFL expands to other apps, discussion boards, and platforms. 

NFL teams are up and running again with a 17-game schedule with no capacity limitations and sold-out stadiums. Adweek recently published an article discussing the importance of reaching football fans' attention beyond linear television, encouraging marketers to utilize programmatic capabilities to increase the viewership and ad effectiveness in a fragmented media landscape.

Fans are not watching football solely on tv anymore. Instead, they are taking advantage of streaming services, apps, social media, and blogs to get football insights. So, as NFL tv viewership becomes more fragmented, marketers need to be more flexible with their budgets while maximizing their reach to deliver the best results.

Adweek emphasizes that in order to reach football audiences nowadays, advertisers must leverage nontraditional opportunities such as DSPs (demand-side platforms) to run efficient campaigns. DSPs determine which impressions a brand or agency needs to buy and at what cost, while publishers and media owners use an SSP (supply-side platform) to sell their ad space. This form of marketing creates a robust campaign for any NFL advertiser and now can go beyond online advertising! Now, that everyone is outside of their homes, it is time to incorporate OOH into their marketing mix. 

According to Nielsen, 90% of US adults notice out-of-home (OOH) advertising, and 66% of viewers take action on their mobile phones after seeing an OOH ad. And now, the most traditional form of advertising is getting revamped. OOH is becoming digitally scalable, interactive, flexible, and measurable with programmatic technology. Whether at the stadium, in sports bars, or the grocery store, sports fans can consume NFL ads through multiple touchpoints, which far exceeds the duration of a football game. 

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) DSPs, like Adomni, guarantee an optimal, programmatic campaign that connects brands to the appropriate audiences by inputting their selected geo-targets, venue types, and audience segments. Brands can set their budget, campaign schedule, and upload their creative in minutes, all in one easy-to-use platform. Once campaigns are live, advertisers can easily track their performance in real-time. Thanks to programmatic technology, DOOH advertising is more dynamic and measurable. This way, no fan gets left behind. 

Also, programmatic DOOH is a great way to keep fans updated in real-time, such as game day reminders or live updates during an event. The agility of DOOH real-time feeds can influence ratings, drive deeper engagement, and increase fans' streaming habits during and after the game. Personalized and contextual messaging keeps advertisers one step ahead of the competition, intercepting audiences' attention in an unmissable way. 

For example, Ticketmaster launched a dynamic DOOH campaign during the NFL draft to raise awareness of their official NFL ticketing agreement. The draft was held in Dallas, Texas, so the company leveraged roadside billboards near the AT&T Stadium, Downtown Dallas, and other city hot zones to reach fans around the city. Additionally, they added digital screens around bars and restaurants. Not only did Ticketmaster raise awareness, but it saw a 190% increase in website conversations and a 43% lift over their control group. DOOH proved to be a success for the American ticket sales and distribution company. Kathryn Frederick, EVP of Growth & Insights for Ticketmaster North America, stated, “ Leveraging dynamic OOH strategies gave us the visibility we needed in a key market to connect with our fans in ways that truly mattered.”

Whether fans are eagerly returning to the football stadiums, populating the sports bars, or stocking up on snacks for the big game, it is time for advertisers to find ways to deliver NFL content throughout consumers' daily journey. Not to mention, the scalability and flexibility to launch and optimize your NFL campaign when and wherever you need it, with real-time messaging, makes DOOH a winner! So kick off the football season with DOOH; our team of DOOH experts is prepared to help at no charge to you! Contact us at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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