Real Estate DOOH in Real-Time

Published: September 25, 2021

Home sales paused as COVID-19 uncertainty ensued - leaving a state of unpredictability for realtors. A report published by the National Association of Realtors found that the housing market plunged nearly 18% from the start of the pandemic to April 2020 and another 10% between April and May. As more space became an asset, people began to fathom the seriousness of the disease and the realization of staying indoors, so by June, sales of existing homes shot back up to 21%. As of August 2021, the housing market continues to remain favorable for homebuyers. Now, there are more options for buyers as inventory increases, and prices decelerate. While it is difficult to predict the housing market - as it changes every month - it is safe to assume that Americans’ attitudes shifted regarding their homes. Realtors can take advantage of this trend by reaching home buyers with digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising as demand stays high. 

Real-estate services are highly competitive with a particular target segment. Luckily for real estate companies, programmatic DOOH advertising revolutionized its audience data- creating a way for advertisers to deliver a streamlined and effective campaign with precision targeting and audience insights. After narrowing down specific audience segments, Adomni’s ad serving algorithm automatically includes the most optimal screens where consumers will most likely frequent - connecting realtors to potential home buyers or sellers in a matter of minutes with location-based targeting. 

Programmatic DOOH also allows real estate businesses to see how their campaign is performing in real-time. Real estate companies can track impressions, ad plays, and the number of screens reached while your campaign is running with proof of performance reports. And if ads need to be optimized at any point, companies can start/stop their campaign, change their messaging, or alter the time of day people view the campaign with day-parting and budget allocation tools. 

Realty One Group – Encore became the first real estate brokerage to automatically update its ads with the MLS database. Once properties were updated, realtors could promote new listings and update their prices, photos, and home details on digital billboards in seconds. DOOH not only makes it more accessible and automated for realtors, but it significantly cuts down costs and time. In contrast, traditional ads would have to go through a more protracted process of meeting with an agent or operator every time they wanted to promote a new listing or run a generic ad. 

Digital out-of-home ads are an excellent way for realtors to craft and convey relevant messages directly to their targeted audience. And with programmatic, real estate groups can go above and beyond, optimizing scalable, more effective, flexible, and measurable campaigns in real-time. If you’re ready to build brand awareness and increase client inquiries with a DOOH campaign, our team of DOOH experts is prepared to help at no charge to you! Contact us at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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