Sports + DOOH = Winning

Published: March 16, 2021

Sports and Out Of Home have long been a winning combination. From the local high school level, where schools can post their upcoming game schedules, congratulate their winning teams and players, to college teams promoting themselves nationally with stats and live game scores. Or a professional team promoting the next game or welcoming their newest draft picks. DOOH provides the flexibility to reach sports fans and target audiences with pinpoint precision. 

As March Madness begins, it is almost guaranteed we will see an increase of OOH content being produced this month from sports teams, promoters, and betting apps for the NCAA tournaments. 

States continue rolling out their legalization of mobile sports betting, which means a ground-swell of new marketing dollars continues to grow, as huge budgets are being spent to acquire customers and engage them. The top five sports betting apps spent a combined total of $164 Million on the first three quarters of 2020 according to Kantar

Out of home advertising provides sports fans the information they need to stay in the loop as game day approaches. Sports fans can see live updates and scores as they pump their gas, through digital billboards, at the grocery store, or on top of Uber vehicles as they make the journey to their destination. 

SuperDraft harnessed the power of out of home by promoting their new fantasy sports app days before the Superbowl, generating significant last-minute app downloads and contest entries in a 2.5 day span.

Betting apps understand the value of engaging consumers with out of home advertising, the flexibility programmatic provides, and the results that this unmissable channel delivers. According to Nielsen, 90% of people notice out of home advertising and 66% of viewers take an action on their mobile phone after seeing the ad. They appreciate DOOH as a channel to drive app downloads via mass-awareness campaigns as well as deliver video-enabled ad units.  This is buoyed by the fact that cord-cutting continues to diminish TV advertising’s reach and efficacy.

As the world evolves, and people are leaving their homes after year-long lockdowns, DOOH is more relevant than ever to reach sports fans and audiences alike. Our team is ready to help plan your DOOH campaign today, at no charge to you. Contact us at

Written By: Shane Hutton

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