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Published: August 21, 2019

A recent report by Nielsen in conjunction with OAAA showed more promising data for the value and impact of the out of home advertising industry. The report looked at people’s travel habits and exposure to billboards and other out or home media. Below are some highlights.

The average distance traveled by Americans during the week.

What does this mean for advertisers? With people spending so much time away from home and on-the-go, traditional methods of advertising like print and TV are becoming less effective. Out of home advertising continues to grow as a reliable way for advertisers to reach their audiences on screens in the real world.

With younger generations becoming the majority, it’s important to stay ahead of the trend to ensure your advertising message is catering to the right audience. Billboards and out of home advertising are a proven way to do it.

The Adomni platform has over 100,000 out of home digital screens available for programmatic purchase. Search by geographic location or audience segments and buy billboards, shopping mall screens, bar/restaurant displays, transit shelters, and more.

If you are a sign/display/screen owner who wants to access more advertisers, contact Adomni and see what they can do for you.

Source: Nielsen OOH Advertising Study 2019 in Conjunction with OAAA

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  • Post published:August 21, 2019
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