Targeting specific audiences in OOH

Published: July 15, 2019

Do your advertisers ever ask about targeting specific audience segments? Perhaps there’s a bank that wants to target higher-end clientele. Or a university that wants to reach a younger crowd. Or even more targeted, a company wants to advertise to consumers based on their online behavior. In an ever-changing world, advertisers are always seeking to specifically target their ideal audience, and they can now do so with their out of home campaigns.

Until recently, the only means to target very specific audiences were with online advertising platforms, such as Facebook and Google. The good news is, with advancements in technology, out of home has now reached that forefront, allowing us to compete side by side with online advertising.

Adomni offers audience-based buying within their online programmatic platform (Audience IQ) that allows billboard and digital screen owners to list their inventory and sell it through their marketplace. With 1,000+ audience segments across demographics, behavior, and interest, advertisers can pinpoint the most relevant screens that match their intended audiences.

This benefits both advertisers and screen owners. Media owners are taking in new revenue streams and now have insights into which audience segments are exposed to their screens. Advertisers have access to inventory with specific audience intelligence and can build smarter, more successful campaigns.

Out of home is a rapidly growing industry, with sales growing year after year and technology fueling this growth. If you’d like to access a wider advertising audience on your digital displays, contact Adomni and see how they can help you grow your advertiser base.

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  • Post published:July 15, 2019
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