The Programmatic DOOH Guarantee

Published: September 16, 2021

As Q3 2021 comes to a close and much of the world is still in flux, marketers continue to face unique challenges to reach their target audiences in meaningful ways. Consumer behavior continues to shift, which is why having control of ad campaigns and the ability to stay flexible, especially under increased uncertainty, is crucial. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising offers marketers a brand-safe environment to captivate audiences with ultimate flexibility that is entirely risk-free.

Earlier this year, the OAAA and Harris Poll reported that 41% of adults noticed out-of-home advertising more than before the pandemic. Online ads aren’t as desirable and effective as they once were, with two-thirds of adults spending so much time looking at their devices that they tune out digital online ads. With consumers’ increased appreciation for the outdoors, brands have the opportunity to reach target audiences on larger-than-life screens at the right time with relevant messaging.

What does Programmatic DOOH guarantee?


You are never strapped into a particular campaign strategy or commitment. As travel patterns and behaviors continue to shift, you can easily optimize your strategy to fit the current surroundings - whether that means pausing a campaign, altering your campaign locations, or changing ad creative in minutes to stay relevant. 

Seamless activation 

Adomni’s programmatic DOOH DSP provides a fast and efficient buying process in which you can plan and launch a campaign in minutes. Specific inputs such as location-based targeting, audience demographics, or specific venue types guarantee more relevant and linear campaigns on one easy-to-use platform. These capabilities provide seamless activation and campaign management, particularly given consumer behavior fluidity.


Programmatic DOOH empowers advertisers to optimize campaigns with real-time contextual messages and environmental triggers. Today’s consumer is considerate and intentional about their path-to-purchase journey when they leave their homes, which is why it is essential now more than ever to stay ahead of the consumer journey and ensure your messaging resonates with your audience.


Programmatic DOOH measurement tools have dramatically evolved in the last few years, allowing advertisers to analyze the impact of their DOOH campaigns effectively. Anonymized mobile location data ensures that campaigns are optimized to reach target audiences on the most relevant screens. Performance reports provide insights into real-time KPIs, including ad plays, impressions delivered, and eCPMs. And post-campaign attribution reports show a net lift in website visits and conversions, store visits, or mobile app downloads and in-app conversions. 


Programmatic DOOH provides advertisers with remarkable capabilities and flexibilities than ever before - including tools such as dayparting, precise targeting, budget allocation, environmental triggers, and more. In these unsteady times, it has never been more essential for brands to reach their specific audience in a meaningful and relevant way. With consumers tuning out digital online ads and spending more time outside of their homes, DOOH is the perfect advertising medium to captivate attention and drive measurable outcomes. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to plan and launch your DOOH campaign, our team of DOOH experts is prepared to help at no charge to you! Contact us at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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