Using DOOH To Address Industry Disruptions

By Julia Cramer for Ad Club Insider

Published: July 1, 2022

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic caused rapid and significant changes to the world economy, such as the slowdown of businesses, production delays, supply chain disruptions, and the growth of online shopping. Today, the wind-down of the pandemic has caused the number of jobs to increase quickly while sales fall and inventory continues to grow. This post-pandemic rising inventory-to-sales ratio disproportionately affects numerous retail businesses and manufacturers. According to the recent Forbes Article by Chris Gadek, advertisers and brands can utilize the power of digital out-of-home (DOOH) flexible nature to keep up with the inventory crisis, such as quickly scheduling, optimizing, pausing, or ending a campaign at a moment’s notice.

Advancements in programmatic are taking the oldest form of advertising to new heights – making it more flexible, fast, and measurable while also increasing performance by optimizing and improving campaigns through an automated buying and selling system. Leading brands have recognized the strong capabilities of OOH, and many more are discovering how effective this mass reach marketing medium is in mitigating supply chain challenges and overall industry disruptions.

Unsure advertisers are not strapped into a prolonged campaign – with the ability to pause or stop ads when necessary and are particularly useful when surprising upheavals transpire. With KPI performance tools, advertisers can see how well their campaign is doing in real-time and gain data-driven insights to quickly identify opportunities for optimization with complete control and transparency throughout the campaign’s duration.

When companies face an uncommon obstacle, DOOH can be an excellent tool for retailers and brands to seamlessly broadcast the issue with new messaging to a vast audience in just a short period. For example, UFC’s 232 fight was quickly relocated to California due to a licensing issue involving Jon Jones in Nevada. UFC was able to execute a 6-day DOOH campaign that assisted in selling out the Los Angeles venue right before the competition.

Programmatic DOOH continues to evolve campaigns making them more flexible, interactive, and measurable. Leading brands can optimize campaigns with real-time contextual messages and environmental triggers to mitigate industry disruptions while creating more relevant ads that capture attention and drive more remarkable results. Advertisers and agencies can control their messaging, placements, and creativity in highly volatile situations.


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Written By: Julia Cramer

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  • Post published:July 1, 2022
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