What is Programmatic DOOH?

Published: August 26, 2021

DOOH or Digital Out of Home is a term for a collection of media displays (screens) used to advertise to the public outside of their homes. For example, digital billboards on the side of the road, gas pump screens that show video or static ads while you are filling up your tank, tv screens inside restaurants and gyms, and many more. DOOH is similar to online advertising in that you can choose specific targeting options and set custom campaign parameters. The main difference is that DOOH is immune to ad blockers and false impressions.

Programmatic technology is streamlining the entire DOOH buying process. Not only making it digitally scalable but also more interactive, flexible, and measurable. Demand-side platforms like Adomni offer a gateway between advertisers and digital out-of-home inventory. Brands can select their advertising market(s), demographics, set their budget and schedule, upload their creative, all in one easy-to-use platform. 

Programmatic has gained serious headway when it comes to measuring performance. Through mobile IDs and third-party data providers, brands can now track their campaign effectiveness in real-time and track ad exposure, creating better planning and buying cycles. 

Programmatic DOOH data-driven advertising method is easy to use. Advertisers benefit from captivating attention on larger-than-life screens and specifying what criteria are applicable for their brand. Audience-specific targeting, budget allocation, day-parting, and geo-fencing capabilities ensure the right people will see their campaigns at the right time. 

Also, DOOH is flexible, allowing advertisers to optimize their campaign in real-time - whether that requires brands to shift locations, add new venues, pause/stop a campaign, or change budgets. 

Programmatic DOOH DSPs are generally very user-friendly and walk you through the steps of placing an ad on digital OOH screens quickly and easily. Unlike the traditional method of buying air time on a digital display or billboard, programmatic allows users to set their budget parameters in minutes and launch instantaneously. The days of having to commit many months to advertise are over. 

Programmatic DOOH also benefits the screen owners by opening up an entirely new revenue stream. Adding displays to a programmatic DSP allows advertisers big and small to purchase air time on displays from anywhere in the world. The screen owner has to do very little when it comes to running programmatic advertising on their displays after the initial setup. 

Programmatic DOOH is here to stay with evolving technology that benefits both the buy and sell-side. Advertisers can take advantage of the scalability, targetability, and measurability that pDOOH provides in one easy DSP platform. The time to reach and engage audiences with unmissable advertising is now. Contact us at concierge@adomni.com to start today.

Written By: Shane Hutton

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