Who is programmatic advertising for?

Published: October 16, 2019

Programmatic out of home advertising is the wave of the future as younger generations seem to prefer this over traditional OOH buying methods…But exactly what type of advertiser is the best fit for programmatic ad buys? It’s a much wider gamut than you might think.

Because the advertiser can control their ad spend to fit their unique budgets, schedule campaigns at the last minute, and see real-time reports, billboards and other digital out of home screens are now a viable source for just about anyone.

Let’s take a look at a few industries programmatic works well with:

Retail goods such as cosmetics, apparel, home goods and more. Any product that is targeted for a specific audience can be advertised on optimal digital out of home screens to reach specific audience segment using programmatic. The creative can direct them to buy online or in physical stores.

National brands and agencies can use programmatic advertising platforms like Adomni to place large media buys in one place instead of going through multiple channels. This makes advertising much easier for both the agency and advertisers.

Restaurants and food service industries can benefit from programmatic advertising because they can draw local traffic from close proximity of the restaurant or expand the perimeter to surrounding cities. They can also set their own budgets and control what times of day their ads run to ensure dollars aren’t wasted by running ads during non-business hours.

Programmatic OOH is a great platform for Political and social causes because it gives them the ability to run ads in different locations and in many different formats. They also have full control over their ad spend and demographics, and have the ability to change their messaging within minutes.

Small businesses that would otherwise overlook out of home because of budget, are now able to advertise alongside larger companies because they have full control over their advertising spend, placement, and schedule.

Musicians and artists are a great fit for programmatic out of home advertising for several reasons. They can reach a large audience while targeting people that fit their demographics or a specific geographical area and they can direct people to their website or online store with their ads.

Programmatic technology has been around for over 10 years, however the out of home industry has been very slow in adapting. In fact, over 95% of buying and selling for out of home is still happening offline. Adomni is paving the way for the industry to transition into the modern world and utilize programmatic technology the same way digital has been doing for years.

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  • Post published:October 16, 2019
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