Consumer mobility creates opportunity for OOH

Published: February 22, 2021

The Harris Poll in partnership with OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America) recently published a study about consumer mobility, insights, and intent, creating an opportunity for out of home advertisers.

Let’s take a look at the key findings and how they impact advertisers.

Consumers are leaving their homes!

Here is where people are going at least once per week or more:

  • 86% to the grocery
  • 70% driving on the highway
  • 50% visit friends and family
  • 50% retail stores
  • 46% restaurants
  • 42% nearby cities or towns

Looking ahead, 72% will be commuting to work at least part-time

  • 45% will commute every day
  • 26% will be a mix of commuting and working from home

Consumers are noticing OOH more than ever

  • 83% while driving on the highway
  • 82% driving around their town or city
  • 71% visiting a neighboring city or town
  • 63% walking around their local downtown or "main street" area
  • 51% at the airport
  • 46% while using transportation

41% said they are noticing OOH advertising more than before the pandemic began

Here are the OOH ads they remember most:

  • 40% local restaurants
  • 37% TV shows or movies
  • 30% new brands or products

71% said OOH public safety messaging makes them feel informed and safe

Consumers will travel in the next few months

62% said they plan to travel outside of their local routine

61% will take a road trip and 53% will travel to another state

Out of home advertising continues to gain traction with consumers, proving that it is an effective advertising medium.

75% of consumers are tuning out digital ads and 72% try to get out of the house as often as they can, creating the perfect opportunity to reach them with DOOH advertising now more than ever.

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