SuperDraft scores big for Super Bowl LV, harnessing the speed and agility of Programmatic DOOH

Published: February 18, 2021


  1. SuperDraft utilized Adomni to plan and launch a last-minute national programmatic DOOH + mobile campaign in a total of 5 hours
  2. Ads were served 100% programmatically on 5,292 DOOH screens including 1,027 roadside digital billboards over a 72-hour period in 20 NFL-team markets
  3. SuperDraft drove $740,000 of incremental revenue for their Super Bowl fantasy contest in the period of time after launching the DOOH campaign

Background Info

On the Thursday prior to Super Bowl weekend 2021, the new Daily Fantasy Sports app - SuperDraft realized that it had a problem.

Its $1,000,000 BIG GAME fantasy contest had only 26 of 267 entrants signed up to play. And the top 60 ranked contest participants were guaranteed to win, with the grand prize winner taking home $300,000.

They knew that they needed to take action.

Enter programmatic Digital Out of Home.

On Thursday at 2 pm PST we had our intro meeting and learned about SuperDraft’s product, target customers, history and Super Bowl ambitions. They shared the desire to tap into Super Bowl mania to drive awareness for its app and its $1,000,000 Super Bowl contest.

After a rapid-fire one-hour Q&A session, we collectively arrived at the conclusion - digital out of home could be a powerful channel to spread the word and drive last-minute awareness, app downloads and sign-ups for the $1,000,000 fantasy sports contest.

Back in 2019, Adomni launched a national programmatic DOOH campaign in 3 business days for Kylie Jenner, when she introduced her skincare line. That was a proving-out moment for pDOOH and an achievement for both Adomni, Kylie and OOH at-large.

But SuperDraft wanted to do something of comparable scale that would launch within the same day for an app that is brand new with a promotional contest that carried a sizable entry cost.

Mission accepted!

How it went down

Within the span of 5 hours after the intro meeting and a team of three Adomni people (one strategist/planner, one content specialist and one account manager) we did the following:

  • Built and shared a plan that had small, medium and large budget options - each targeting more quantities of NFL-team markets and DOOH screens
  • Reviewed the plan with the agency and received a quick decision
  • Received the ad creative for the $1,000,000 promotion in a format that allowed our content team to output all of the derivative sizes
  • Created a new Adomni advertiser account for the brand
  • Built out the campaign, uploaded the creative and launched

Creative ads roll-out

By 7 pm PST that same night, the first ads started showing up on Branded Cities’ spectaculars in Las Vegas.

No alt text provided for this image

Then the tops of Uber’s best driver’s cars in Atlanta and Dallas lit up.

No alt text provided for this image

Followed by thousands of digital billboards and place-based screens belonging to Lamar, Clear Channel Outdoor, National Retail Solutions, Inc and over a dozen other independent DOOH media owners.

No alt text provided for this image

The one action taken by the participating media owners was to click the “Approve” button in their system. There was no manual/human scheduling or trafficking of creative on the media owners’ side.

We also complemented the DOOH ads with native mobile sending the users to a unique and trackable landing page. This unlocked the ability to see lower-funnel KPIs such as CTR and conversions.

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At 3:30 pm PST sharp on Sunday, as soon as the football was kicked-off, the entire campaign turned off.

The Results

The final audience and screens tally:

  • 5,292 screens reached, of which 1,027 were digital billboards
  • 20 unique NFL markets, including the Super Bowl host city of Tampa
  • 38.5M impressions were delivered in a 2 and a half-day time span
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Programmatic digital out of home made this campaign possible. What used to take weeks, now takes minutes.

At the time of kickoff, Super Draft had 211 entrants, resulting in $844,000 of entrant fees, a lift of $740,000 from the time the DOOH campaign launched.

And even more valuable than that - SuperDraft emerged on a national scale. They are officially on the Daily Fantasy Sports map.

I am really proud of this campaign, for both Adomni and SuperDraft. But I also see it as another deep notch in programmatic DOOH’s successes column.

We as an industry like to talk about programmatic as being the transaction type of the future for out of home; that the speed and agility and flexibility of programmatic digital out of home is coming.

It is not.

It is here now.

For Super Bowl LV, we proved it.

Written By: Jonathan Gudai

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