Consumer's preference for Uber promises successful DOOH campaigns with Uber OOH

Published: December 22, 2020

A recent study conducted by MFour and featured in their blog caught our attention. The study looked at rideshare users, comparing Uber and Lyft, asking the question, "Who will lead in 2021?".

Let's look at the key finding and what they mean for advertisers displaying their ads on Uber OOH.

92% of rideshare customers would recommend Uber to others and 76% use Uber most often. 

In fact, Uber leads over the competition when it comes to driver quality, availability, ride findability, and safety.








And even though Uber isn't the cheapest option with a per-minute cost of $.05 higher than Lyft, 65% say that Uber has the best passenger experience.

The best statistic of the study is that 71% of people are comfortable using rideshare during COVID. Mostly, due to driver precautions as well as consumer's needs to get around.

Armed with this information, advertisers can be assured that Uber OOH screens will not only play their static or video ads everywhere the car travels, they will also deliver the impressions. People are leaving their homes and they are taking Uber rides to run errands, go to the airport, and get around outside of their home.

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