The many different venue types in DOOH

Published: December 10, 2020

From gas station screens to Uber vehicle car toppers to 48’ billboards, digital out of home (DOOH) certainly has a wide array of screen choices for your advertising to be displayed on. While there’s no right or wrong choice… budget, demographics, and personal preference may play a role in choosing the right media type or venue for your advertising needs.

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Reach audiences everywhere, on top of Uber vehicles.

Take your advertising to your customers with video-enabled digital out of home vehicle screens. They’re always on the move, engaging consumers at the street level, informing viewers of great places to eat, shop, or buy, while they are going about their day.



Reach mass audiences on highly visible and eye-catching screens.

They are the biggest canvas for your DOOH ads they have been around the longest. Billboards are certainly at the forefront of out of home advertising and can work as a stand-alone media for advertising or can be paired with other DOOH for more impact.



Reach specific audiences in venues with high dwell times.

Place-based media is king when it comes to specific targeting. If you sell fitness products, what better place to advertise than inside a gym or at a sports venue. If you sell automotive products, what better place to advertise than gas pumps. If you sell pharmaceutical or self-care products, advertise at the pharmacy or doctor’s office waiting room. Other locations of interest include salons, shopping malls, office buildings, bars and restaurants, and much more.



Reach pedestrians and vehicle occupants at street level.

Street furniture is eye level and reaches vehicles as well as pedestrians. Street furniture includes bus shelters (pictured above), benches, kiosks on street corners, and other ground-level advertising media. Street furniture is a great media for advertising to people on the go, commuters, and people in more urban settings.



Reach commuters and travelers on moving vehicles and in terminals.

Transit DOOH is the best way to reach travelers and commuters. For example, business travelers, commuters going to and from work, or people in larger cities who use ride-sharing platforms and taxi cabs. Transit screens can include smaller screens in the back of ride-share or taxi vehicles, airport signage, and larger screens at subway stations.


Chances are, your target audience can be reached on multiple types of digital out of home media in a single campaign. Keep that in mind when planning your campaign and selecting the right mix of venue types. The better you target your audience, the better return on investment you will see for your advertising dollars.

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Written By: Shane Hutton

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