Creating a political OOH campaign

Published: February 12, 2020

If you’re running for office (small or large) or are an advocacy group, you should consider out of home for your political campaign advertising. Creating an out of home campaign across billboards, interior screens, and other out of home displays can greatly help to get your message in front of your potential voters. Out of home advertising is among the most trusted and affordable advertising media available.

Creating the Ads

Often the out of home or billboard company will provide design services for you. If not, there are a handful of options available to you for creating quality advertisements including local advertising agencies, online design contests like 99designs, and companies that specialize in out of home creative.

Note: Most political advertisements are required to show disclaimers identifying the party paying for the messages. See more about disclaimers here.

Choosing Your Locations

Today, it is easier than ever to target geographic locations with billboards and displays in specific zip codes, cities or regions. You can further target your audience by demographics, purchasing behavior, income, personal interests, and more. The great thing about digital out of home and billboards is the ability to easily advertise across multiple locations and platforms. Programmatic OOH buying platforms like Adomni provide these tools and more.

Messages & Measurement

Obviously, the end goal of your ads is to get votes, but you can also drive traffic to your social media channels or website to further inform your potential voters. So brand awareness and OOH go hand in hand, but you can also use OOH with a call to action. OOH and billboard companies can provide data as to how many eyes drive by your specific locations, and you can use analytic tools to measure your online traffic.

Written By: Shane Hutton

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