Finding professional digital out of home ad designers

Published: February 7, 2020

What are you buying when you buy a billboard or out of home advertising space? Other than a location, you’re buying a platform to showcase your ad through creative artwork. This is the final product. What people will see and make a decision about whether to use your product or service. The design communicates who you are to your customers. Are you trustworthy, do you share my interests and struggles as a consumer?

Your ad creative is arguably the single most important part of your out of home advertising campaign. So let’s look at some options as to where you can find great billboard ad designers.

Local Agencies/Freelance Graphic Designers

For the most part, you can’t go wrong hiring a reputable creative agency or freelance designer. What you have to keep in mind is their experience level in creating OOH ad campaigns. Designing a great billboard ad is totally different than a mailer or flyer. It takes special attention to create a simple yet effective ad. A simple google search will likely return plenty of results for you to choose from.

99designs is a very large and reputable design contest site where dozens or even hundreds of designers from around the world can compete to design your ad. A solid contest with enough entries will run you between $150 - $500. Simply create a free account and you’re ready to start creating design contests.

Billboard Design Companies

There are a handful of companies that specialize in out of home advertising. Offering services such as ad design for a reasonable fee. A few of these companies include,,, and The benefit with this option is the designers will have the most experience when it comes to creating billboard and OOH ads.

Whatever option you go with, make sure the creative follows the best practices for billboard and OOH ads which are: a singular message or theme, the wording kept to a minimum, and good contrast and legibility.

Written By: Shane Hutton

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