Creator Marketing Extended to Real-world Screens

Published: June 29, 2023

Creator marketing has taken the online advertising world by storm - and for good reason. The videos crafted by influencers and creators have become a powerful tool, thanks to their ability to connect with audiences on a personal level. These familiar faces have a way of creating a lasting impression and establishing trust with viewers. Surveys conducted by Adweek show that 85% of people consider creator marketing more impactful than any content directly produced by brands. It’s also reflected in the numbers, with over $500 million being attributed to creator marketing in just a single quarter. 

But, there’s a huge creator market missing in the advertising world, that is, until now. Offline advertisements are making a remarkable comeback since the wake of the global pandemic. People are emerging from their digital cocoons, engaging with the world outside, and embracing the outdoors. In fact, almost 90% of adults notice OOH ads, and nearly 80% of those viewers are inspired to take action. This shift in behavior presents the perfect opportunity for brands to capture the attention of individuals who are no longer solely fixated on their online devices. By strategically placing offline ads in outdoor spaces, brands can tap into this newfound inclination and connect with consumers in a refreshing and noninvasive way. 

Moreover, recent data from the OAAA and Harris Poll reveals a symbiotic relationship between influencers, creators, and celebrities in partnership with OOH ads. Nearly a third of U.S. adults are highly inclined to make a purchase of a product or service when they encounter an OOH ad featuring a familiar influencer, creator, or celebrity. Influencer-driven OOH ads have a dual impact, not only influencing purchasing decisions but also driving social media engagement. In fact, 40% of adults express a higher inclination to repost an OOH ad featuring a familiar influencer, creator, or celebrity. This convergence of creator marketing with offline advertising opens up a whole new realm of possibilities, where influencers and creators can extend their reach beyond the digital landscape and make an indelible impact on the physical world as well.

And it's evident that celebrities are not hesitant to embrace the power of OOH advertisements, as seen in notable examples such as the successful Kylie Skin billboard campaign. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that the offline advertising process is not as straightforward and effortless as creating a TikTok video. This is precisely why we often don't witness many creators and influencers gracing the larger-than-life outdoor screens until now.

Revolutionizing OOH Creator Marketing:

Adomni is revolutionizing the landscape of OOH creator marketing. Through a strategic partnership with Influential, Adomni is transforming the way brands engage with creators and extend their influence into the physical world. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in expanding creators' exposure and impact beyond the boundaries of social media platforms. 

Through Adomni's platform, brands can seamlessly connect their creators with audiences, regardless of their location. By leveraging outdoor advertising space, such as billboards and other digital screens, Adomni empowers creators to capture the attention of passersby during their daily commutes, ensuring their messages resonate and leave a lasting impression. This powerful offline presence will help cultivate a stronger bond between creators and their audience, fostering a sense of closeness and authenticity that transcends the digital realm.


Adomni and Influential’s collaboration reshape the dynamics of creator marketing by bridging the gap between the online and offline worlds. By offering creators the means to connect with their followers more closely, regardless of their followers' digital habits or geographic location, this innovative approach ensures that the impact and influence of creators extend far beyond the boundaries of social media platforms, fostering deeper connections and empowering creators to reach new heights of success. If you would like to learn more about creator marketing in the OOH world, our team of DOOH experts is ready to provide assistance completely free of charge. Contact us at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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