OOH Revolutionizes the Retail and Influencer Realm

Published: June 12, 2023

The latest report from Morning Consult and OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America), OOH Impact: Retail and Influencer Marketing, found that out-of-home (OOH) advertising exerts a significant influence on consumer behavior within the retail and influencer marketing industry.  

Let's take a look at the top findings:

Dynamic OOH Sparks Consumer Interest

40% of adults express an interest in OOH ads that feature timely content!  

Over 60% of adults find dynamic OOH ads to be beneficial. The percentage of ads adults found the most useful included: 

  • 80% local weather updates
  • 77% local food and drink options 
  • 70% special offers/ discounts 
  • 69% upcoming concert, theater, or comedy show 

OOH Ads are Hooking Audiences en Route to the Store 

Nearly 70% of shoppers noticed an OOH ad on their way to the store! 

Among those who observed OOH ads, a significant portion consisted of diverse demographics:

  • 78% were Black 
  • 76% were Hispanic
  • 73% were Asian 

These stats highlight the broad reach and impact of OOH advertising across various racial and ethnic groups. 

When it comes to attracting shoppers, various venue types have varying levels of success

  • 74% notice billboards
  • 74% notice signs in places of businesses
  • 62% notice screens at street-level
  • 61% notice transit screens

OOH Drives In-Store Purchases 

OOH ads are a proven way of influencing buying behavior, with 50% of shoppers reporting that OOH ads directly influence their in-person shopping decisions.

75% of consumers notice OOH ads while shopping!

The following stats highlight the effectiveness of specific OOH ads that capture consumer interest:

  • 86% notice buy one, get one free 
  • 82% notice discount/promotional offerings 
  • 81% notice free shipping/ delivery 
  • 71% notice limited time offer 
  • 65% notice new product introduction 

Anna Bager, CEO of OAAA, reaffirmed the profound influence of out-of-home (OOH) advertising on the retail industry, emphasizing its capacity to shape in-person purchasing decisions. She stated, "From the moment of driving to a retailer to the delightful stroll down store aisles, this research unequivocally validates the direct impact of OOH advertising on consumer buying behavior."

The Power of Influencer Marketing on the Move

Brands are discovering the fruitful synergy between influencers, creators, and celebrities in partnership with OOH ads! 

Nearly a third of U.S adults are highly inclined to make a purchase of a product or service when they encounter an OOH ad featuring a familiar influencer, creator, or celebrity.

Influencer-driven OOH ads have a dual impact, not only influencing purchasing decisions but also driving social media engagement. 

40% of adults express a higher inclination to repost an OOH ad featuring a familiar influencer, creator, or celebrity. 

Furthermore, the likelihood of reposting OOH ads featuring influential figures is even higher within specific demographics:

  • 53% of the Black community 
  • 52% of adults aged between 30 and 44 
  • 51% of postgraduates 

OOH advertising, particularly dynamic and digital formats, has emerged as a highly impactful and effective medium for advertisers to engage with shoppers near retail stores and shape consumer behavior. Plus, the integration of influencers, creators, and celebrities with OOH ads has proven to be successful in driving purchase intent and generating social media engagement. As OOH continues to expand and evolve, it is poised to become an increasingly significant force in the advertising landscape. If you are ready to harness the power of OOH and connect with consumers anytime and anywhere, contact concierge@adomni.com

Written By: Julia Cramer

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