DOOH for Fashion Brands

Published: March 24, 2021

As we all emerge from our various states of lockdown, many of us are riddled with the remnants of screen and Zoom fatigue, causing us all to spend more time outside and in public spaces. In response to the change in behavior, the Harris Poll recently reported that people are noticing more OOH advertising than they did before the pandemic began

Picking up on the rising trend in OOH advantages is the fashion industry. With the take over of online shopping versus brick and mortar stores, fashion brands of all sizes are understanding the importance and impact OOH can have as opposed to advertising solely on mobile devices or online. Vogue Business recently published an article on how fashion brands are increasingly incorporating out of home advertising as part of their media campaigns. Now, more than ever, audiences have an urgent desire to get outdoors and shift focus to anywhere but a small screen. The fashion and retail industries know the power of reaching consumers everywhere and influencing their buying decisions with out of home.

Priya Ahluwalia, a London-based menswear brand, teamed up with creative street advertising specialist, BuildHollywood, for an OOH campaign featured in 17 locations across the UK, from London to Manchester.

Out of home goes beyond beautiful street murals and static billboards. Digital out of home (DOOH) screens provide the perfect canvas for fashion brands and retailers to show off their vibrant colors, prints, and styles with endless opportunities to showcase their best work. And, 85% of screens have video and audio capabilities, enabling fashion brands and designers to hone in their creativity and capture audience attention with engaging content.

Fashion brands both big and small can utilize digital screens in malls, urban panels, airports, or bars and restaurants during Fashion Week to promote a uniquely immersive experience or release a new collection. For instance, in 2018, New Balance created an immersive experience using DOOH during New York Fashion Week to recognize pedestrians whose fashion sense stood out from the crowd. Real Time Exception Spotting technology was implemented to scan crowds of people and then that data was used to identify “exceptions to the norm.” The technology did not scan for personal data or facial recognition but rather found details such as pattern, style, color, accessories, and shapes. The passers-by who were discovered to be exceptional were surprised with a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz Nubuck shoes and were featured on a live, digital outdoor display.

DOOH isn’t exclusive to high-end brands, retailers of all sizes can take advantage of dynamic content or utilize QR codes enticing viewers to take advantage of a special offer or visit their site. One brand to feature QR codes during New York Fashion Week 2020 was Khaite. During the lockdown, Khaite presented the public with a short film, a book, postcards, and a candle. Included in the images was an augmented reality feature accessible through a QR code. By scanning the QR code with a mobile device, you would be invited into a world of 3-D renderings of shoes and other fashion items. Although this QR code was featured as a still image, brands can feature QR codes on digital urban panels or the tops Uber OOH vehicles to easily create an immersive experience for their audience. 

Programmatic DOOH gives fashion brands and retailers the flexibility to pause and start campaigns, edit their messaging, or change ad creative within minutes. And now, measuring the impact of their campaigns is simple through attribution reports highlighting a lift for in-store visits, website visits, and online conversions. 

As we spend more time outside, eyes are opening to the power of advertising everywhere. Out of home is projected to see a 23% increase in 2021, a smart advertising investment while we make a shift towards being outdoors as our new normal. For the fashion industry, it is an opportunity for innovation, exposure, and creativity.If you’re ready to extend your reach and drive results with digital out of home advertising, our team is ready to help plan your DOOH campaign today, at no charge to you! Contact us at

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