DOOH Resilience: Combating Shifting Industry Disruptions

Published: August 19, 2023

The American Rescue Plan, also known as the COVID-19 Stimulus Package, reached its two-year anniversary to deliver direct relief to the American populace, revitalize the nation's economy, and combat the ongoing virus challenges. The eruption of the pandemic triggered rapid and profound changes to the global economic landscape, such as the slowdown of businesses, production delays, supply chain disruptions, and the rise of online shopping. As the United States settles the fallout, we are witnessing a gradual convalescence of the labor market becoming discernible, accompanied by a moderation of inflation pressures

Yet, amid this incremental economic resurgence, a considerable number of Americans are still struggling financially. A Federal Reserve survey states that the robust employment landscape has not been enough to offset the escalating cost of living for many families. 

To try and navigate societal and economic changes, forward-thinking advertisers must adapt their strategies. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising emerges as a flexible and impactful tool - with the ability to adjust campaigns swiftly by rescheduling, optimizing, pausing, or stopping them anytime. This adaptability proves invaluable in uncertain times, ensuring that campaigns are not locked into long-term commitments. 

Imagine you're a long-running late-night TV show with a multi-channel promotional campaign spanning from January to June. However, your show faces an unexpected setback due to the ongoing WGA strike, with no clear resolution. As certain media purchases become firmly established, adjusting creative content or messaging becomes challenging and financially burdensome. This is where the power of DOOH comes into play. Programmatic DOOH allows you to harness its reactivity and flexibility, seizing opportunities arising from last-minute developments, significant changes, or unforeseen cancellations. This strategic approach ensures you stay nimble in a dynamic environment and make the most of evolving circumstances.

Additionally, advertisers can modify campaign creative in real-time, enabling swift adjustments and dynamic messages. This data-driven approach empowers advertisers to maintain control and transparency throughout the campaign's duration while outpacing competitors with pertinent and personalized messages.

For example, Kylie Jenner utilized Adomni's real-world screens to promote the launch of her skincare brand, Kylie Skin. This strategic campaign encompassed over 4,300 expansive digital billboards strategically positioned along roadside locations, including iconic sites like Times Square and the Las Vegas Strip. Additionally, it targeted over 1,500 video screens dispersed across 1,000 cities across the United States. The entire process occurred in real-time through the Adomni buying platform, from creation to measurement. The dynamism of DOOH enabled Kylie Skin's marketers to adjust creatives instantaneously, seamlessly displaying messages such as "coming soon" or "sold out" to maintain relevance and increase engagement.

Throughout this evolving landscape, DOOH stands out as a responsive and effective instrument for advertisers. It enables them to navigate unforeseen disruptions while maintaining a strategic hold on their campaigns. This becomes particularly important as economic conditions fluctuate, allowing advertisers to swiftly pivot their messaging and strategies. If you are aiming to navigate uncertainty with agility and maintain a firm grip on your marketing efforts, reach out to to get started today!

Written By: Julia Cramer

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