Influencer + OOH: A Powerful Combo for Gen Z Engagement

Published: August 24, 2023

The vanguards of the digital age, Generation Z, have become an undeniable focal point for advertisers. According to Bloomberg, this generation has a spending power of $360 billion, exerting a substantial and discernible impact on the economic landscape. 

In the midst of the evolution of social media and technology, Gen Z’s spending patterns and communication have diverged significantly from preceding generations. A Bulbshare report titled “Ad blockers and advocacy: Why Gen Z is blocking paid ads in favor of real voices” found that 99% of Gen Z consumers will hit ‘skip’ on an ad if it’s an option and that nearly two-thirds use ad blockers to avoid online adverts.


In response to this dilemma, advertisers have strategically adopted influencer marketing as a vehicle to promote their products and offerings. And for a very good reason, considering Gen Z inherently places trust in social media celebrities. Remarkably, 44% of Gen Zers make a purchasing decision based on a recommendation from a social influencer.

As one of the most popular social networks for Gen Z,  28% of TikTokers have bought products promoted by celebrities or influencers, which is 10% higher than non-TikTok users.

Yet, even as influencer marketing gains prominence with a substantial audience, a gap still exists in the advertising world. This gap becomes evident when Gen Zers leave their home. Offline ads are experiencing a significant resurgence since the global pandemic, and even Gen Zers are taking notice, with 85% having engaged with OOH ads. 


The combination of OOH advertising and influencer marketing can prove to be a potent mechanism to influence and engage younger generations - especially when they see their favorite TikTok influencer on a supersized screen. But how does this powerful combo come together?


Adomni is at the forefront, revolutionizing the landscape of OOH creator marketing. Through strategic partnerships with Influential and TikTok, Adomni is transforming how brands engage with creators and extend their influence into the physical world. These partnerships are broadening the scope of creators' exposure and impact, transcending the boundaries of social media platforms.

Through Adomni's platform, brands can create connections between their creators and audiences. OOH empowers influencers and creators to command the attention of passersby during their daily journey, ensuring their messages etch a lasting memory.

This robust offline presence contributes to nurturing a more profound connection between brands and their audience, fostering a sense of trust and authenticity that goes beyond the digital landscape. 

And with 91% of Gen Zers already willing to reshare an OOH ad on their social media platforms, what happens when they see their favorite TikTok sensation on a grand display or, perhaps, when they see themselves?


Shoutable has made it accessible for virtually anyone to grace some of the largest screens in the world! With one in four Gen Z Americans aspiring to become an influencer, this avenue becomes a stepping stone for them to become one! And the best part? It’s easy! 

How it works: Book a billboard in just a few easy steps: find a location, upload a photo, add a message, and choose a date and time. 

The Details: For only $45, you can gain access to thousands of digital billboards in hundreds of U.S. cities and spectacular screens across dozens of shopping malls. And you can reshare your billboard on social media for all your friends and family to see - making it possible to go viral!

Adomni and Shoutable are changing the creator marketing experience to reach Gen Z audiences! The future of creator and influencer marketing is evolving, extending beyond online to the offline world. Their impact is reshaping who a creator is and how they engage with their younger audiences. If you would like to learn more about creator marketing in the physical world, our team of DOOH experts is ready to provide assistance completely free of charge. Contact us at to get started today!

Written By: Julia Cramer

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