DOOH + Social Media Create a Positive Feedback Loop

Published: August 11, 2023

Influencer marketing has proven to be a game-changer. In fact, over 1 in 4 marketers are harnessing its potential to boost awareness and engage with their target audiences. Through collaborations with influencers, brands are realizing they can tap into a wealth of credibility and trust, fostering genuine connections and loyalty. 

However, as the popularity of social media influencer marketing continues to surge, it has become a challenge for brands to stand out from the noise, especially with the rise of ad blockers and bots. To rise above these challenges and create more impactful campaigns that resonate both in the physical world and online, innovative brands are turning to digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising!


The potency of out-of-home advertising cannot be denied, with 9 in 10 adults taking notice of its impactful messages. Moreover, as the digital realm continues to infiltrate the OOH sphere, advertisers are increasingly drawn to the captivating, targetable, and measurable advancements of DOOH advertising. 

By combining the unmissable force of DOOH with the vast reach of social media, a powerful synergy emerges, forming impactful campaigns that resonate both in the physical world and online. DOOH captures the attention of audiences on the streets and in public spaces while social media amplifies its message, extending its reach to digital communities worldwide. This seamless fusion creates a dynamic, positive feedback loop, enhancing the impact of both channels and leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

Repurposing Influencer Branded Content with DOOH

Brands are capitalizing on the symbiotic relationship between influencers and DOOH advertising. They are harnessing the potential of this dynamic duo by featuring branded content from influencers on DOOH screens, and in turn, the creators are creating social media videos showcasing their branded content on the big screen. This ingenious approach creates a continuous sharing cycle, extending the lifeline of campaigns and maximizing their impact!

CeraVe by L'Oreal recently showcased CeraVe branded TikTok video ads on the impressive full-motion MiFi 2-screen display in bustling Times Square. This colossal display spans 10,500 total square feet, capturing the attention of countless passersby with its mesmerizing visuals and engaging content! This dynamic campaign featured TikTok influencers having fun while washing their face with CeraVe face wash. The campaign successfully enticed people to pause and marvel at the familiar faces, and even the influencers themselves couldn’t help but make an appearance to see their faces on the big screen!  

Influencer couple Joe Ando-Hirsh and Niamh Adkins were visibly delighted to see their faces in Times Square, taking photos and recording TikTok videos in front of the giant structure. In one of Adkins' TikToks, she exclaims, "being on a billboard in Times Square was not on my 2023 bingo card." Her TikTok garnered an impressive 2.7 million impressions online. This serves as indisputable evidence of the remarkable influence harnessed when social media and DOOH seamlessly unite, forming a continuous and impactful feedback loop online and offline! 

@niamhadkins #CeraVePartner come hang with us on the @CeraVe billboard 🗽 use this filter by July 16th to enter the #CeraVe #CleanseLikeADerm #Contest ♬ Cleansing That’s Giving - The Gregory Bros
@joeando wanna join Joe on a billboard in NYC? Use this filter by July 16th to enter @CeraVe’s #CleanseLikeADerm #Contest. US Only. Official Rules go to #CeraVePartner #CeraVe ♬ Cleansing That’s Giving - The Gregory Bros

In the rapidly evolving landscape of advertising, the synergy between social media and DOOH is proving to be a game-changer for brands seeking to make lasting impressions! By seamlessly integrating branded content from influencers onto DOOH screens and reciprocally sharing social media videos featuring these ads on the big screen, brands have unlocked a powerful feedback loop. This innovative approach extends the lifeline of campaigns, amplifying their reach and resonance both online and offline. If you are ready to make DOOH a part of your social marketing strategy, reach out to to get started today! 

Written By: Julia Cramer

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