Boosted Engagements: The Power of OOH and Social Media

Published: July 27, 2023

The rise of the Internet and social media has undoubtedly transformed marketing, providing advertisers with an easy way to reach and measure their target audience. However, the prevalence of dense ads and ad-blocking measures has made it increasingly challenging for brands to break through the clutter and ensure their message reaches their intended audience. 

Adapting to this rapidly evolving and competitive consumer landscape has proven to be a formidable challenge for advertisers. In today’s fast-paced world, capturing audiences with short attention spans has become a priority for brands. 

As a response to this challenge, industry experts and advertisers have recognized the value of integrating out-of-home (OOH) advertising into their campaigns. By combining OOH strategies with social media efforts, brands can leverage the best of both worlds to attract online users and engage with a larger audience. OOH advertising offers an unparalleled opportunity to create impactful, real-world connections with consumers while complementing the virtual engagement provided by social media.

A Powerful Amplification Tool:

Social media has become a well-known platform for sharing cherished memories with followers, and this trend is not limited to individuals alone. Brands have also recognized the power of social media in showcasing their most memorable campaigns. As a result, users increasingly encounter OOH advertising creative while scrolling through their feeds, which presents excellent organic amplification opportunities for OOH campaigns.

According to an OAAA and Harris Poll study, 82% of TikTok users frequently notice OOH ads while using the platform. Following closely behind are 81% Instagram, 80% Facebook users, 78% Snapchat, and 78% Twitter users, respectively, stating that they also come across OOH ads on their feeds. 

And this doesn’t mean brands are the only ones posting OOH ads on social media. In fact, Millennials stand out as the most likely to post images of OOH ads on their social media profiles. This demographic's enthusiasm for sharing captivating advertising campaigns further contributes to the organic amplification of OOH efforts.


Brings Creator Marketing To The Real World:

Creator marketing has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity as a dominant force in the advertising landscape. And with good reason. According to a survey conducted by Adweek, 85% of people consider creator marketing to be more impactful than any content directly produced by brands themselves!  Influencers and content creators have harnessed the power of personal connections with their audiences, making their videos a potent tool in the marketing arsenal.

What's even more intriguing is how social media creators have transcended the digital realm and expanded their influence on the big screen through OOH advertising. This new approach is fueling a remarkable level of engagement with audiences, with nearly a third of U.S. adults expressing a strong inclination to make a purchase when encountering an OOH ad featuring a familiar influencer, creator, or celebrity.

The impact of influencer-driven OOH goes beyond merely influencing purchasing decisions It also proves to be a catalyst for driving social media engagement. 40% of adults express a higher inclination to repost an OOH ad when it features a familiar influencer, creator, or celebrity. 

Influencer marketing combined with OOH and social media creates a powerful combination that resonates with audiences across multiple platforms! Brands are increasingly leveraging influencers' authentic appeal and credibility while blurring the lines between social media and OOH advertising.

Captures The Most Influential Generation:

The convergence of social media and OOH advertising has opened up exciting opportunities for brands to connect with their target audiences. By strategically placing captivating OOH ads in high-traffic locations, brands can ignite conversations and encourage users to share their experiences online, effectively extending the reach of their campaigns.

This powerful combination of social media and OOH advertising is particularly relevant to Gen Z, the true digital pioneers. 85% of Gen Z have engaged with OOH ads. Well-placed OOH campaigns readily capture the attention of this critical and highly influential audience, and their interaction with these ads extends seamlessly to their digital world through social media sharing.

Given the digital prowess of the younger generations, social media emerges as a potent amplification tool for OOH campaigns. Notably, two-thirds of both Gen Z and Millennials have encountered OOH ads. And the engagement doesn't stop at viewing, with 91% of Gen Z and 82% of Millennials expressing their willingness to reshare an OOH ad on their social media platforms.

This data highlights the immense potential of OOH advertising in capturing the attention of the younger generations and the subsequent power of social media in amplifying the impact of these campaigns. By tapping into the digital inclinations of Gen Z and Millennials, brands can effectively leverage OOH advertising's real-world presence and the online sharing culture to create a more profound and lasting connection with their target audiences.

Drives Online Visitations:

Not only does OOH generate massive engagement, but it also yields tangible real-world results! The research conducted by the OAAA and Harris Poll shows that 48% of users who notice OOH ads on social media platforms engage with the advertised company online. Plus, over a third search for the company online, read reviews about their products and services, and ask friends and family about the brand. 

The seamless integration of OOH advertising into the digital realm of social media empowers brands to create a bridge between the physical and virtual. It not only captivates users visually but also compels them to interact with the brand, which can ultimately influence their purchasing decisions.

By effectively leveraging the organic amplification potential of OOH ads on social media, brands can expand their reach beyond traditional advertising channels. This symbiotic relationship between OOH and social media presents a powerful marketing strategy capable of creating meaningful connections with consumers and driving real-world results that contribute to the overall success of a brand's marketing efforts. So what are you waiting for? If you haven't already, make DOOH a part of your social marketing strategy today. Reach out to to get started today. 

Written By: Julia Cramer

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