How to implement a successful call-to-action in DOOH

Published: November 16, 2020

A call-to-action campaign (CTA) is an advertising campaign with a specific outcome in mind. The action could be visiting a website, going to the store, buying a product or service, downloading a file, booking an appointment, etc. And while CTAs are most commonly used in the online and mobile ad space, where viewers are simply clicking a button to complete the desired task, it can also be successfully implemented in digital out of home (DOOH). 

Let’s take a look at what successful out-of-home CTAs look like.

Some great CTA campaigns for DOOH include driving audiences to your website, your physical store, or even following you on social media, where you can continue to market your product to them.

Drive website visits

During this holiday season, where we are facing a pandemic and restrictions on public gatherings, online sales will be a saving grace for many businesses. Digital out of home screens with CTAs to a website will undoubtedly be very popular. How do you get consumers to visit your website? Try offering incentives like a free product with every online order (over a certain dollar amount), a large discount (40% off) for the first X amount of customers, a buy one get one free item, and free shipping.

CTA Free Gift Billboard
CTA Store Sale Billboard

Drive store visits

You can easily drive consumers to your store by adding a physical address to your ad creative. This is done by uploading an address list into your campaign plan and then creating a radius around those addresses so that digital screens in proximity will display the dynamic store address closest to that location.

Engage social media followers

Social media CTA’s are another great way to engage consumers and get them to interact with your brand or product. Some examples include: Follow us and see your photo here (on a digital billboard), a live counter of your Facebook or Instagram likes, Facebook reviews displayed on digital billboards, and customer tweets about your product or service displayed live on a billboard.

CTA Social Media Billboard

Just because out of home advertising doesn’t have a direct button or link to a website, doesn’t mean that it’s not effective. According to Nielsen, 90% of people notice an out-of-home ad and 66% take action on their smartphone after seeing that ad. So the next time you are planning a call to action campaign, make sure to include digital out of home in your media mix and watch the results it delivers.

Written By: Shane Hutton

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