Make the Most of Leftover DOOH Space

By Julia Cramer for Billboard Insider

Published: September 29, 2022

Programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) has a surplus of marketing benefits that drive consumer interest and purchase intent. But did you know? Interactive and dynamic technology provides another opportunity for media owners: to inform and bring communities closer together through real-time information, artist creations, and even shoutouts! Here are a few best practices when encountering unused advertising space that will help make your screens more distinguishable, engaging, and memorable – for communities and advertisers:

Smarter Cities

DOOH screens can be contextually relevant and responsive with the help of external data or real-time triggers. Live weather forecasts and updates are a simple way to garner attention from pedestrians while keeping them informed in between the advertisements displayed. For example, LinkNYC has over 1600+ kiosks across NYC’s five boroughs, broadcasting real-time transit and weather information to New Yorkers and tourists on the go. On top of that, each link is equipped with ​free public Wi-Fi, charging devices, phone calls, and a tablet that provides pedestrians with directions and a map. LinkNYC DOOH screens have taken advantage of real-time data technology while seamlessly blending into the streets of New York to create a more progressive and informative metropolis.


Art All Around Us

DOOH is bringing digital art to urban spaces. Transit shelters, giant spectaculars, and even ride-share vehicles have become blank canvases for local artists to connect with the public effortlessly. Incorporating art between advertisements lights up communities with stunning displays and keeps the public’s attention as additional ads flip through the rotation. For example, Resort World wanted to ‘wow’ tourists and stand out from the surplus of hotels across the Las Vegas strip. The hotel took to digital out-of-home, using a state-of-the-art LED façade that wraps around the building’s exterior, with the job of promoting events and displaying public art. The 100,000+ square foot display featured visually engaging content. It succeeded in its goal to reach business travelers and tourists, perhaps due to the digital out-of-home spectacular being undoubtedly noticed down Las Vegas Boulevard.

Create an Impact

With scalable and eye-catching digital screens, media owners can highlight critical societal, environmental, or cultural issues. For example, Martin Firrell, a Clear Channel artist, exhibited a series of public art titled Union City in the UK. In his art, he explored what constitutes a fair society intending to spark debate about social policy and equity. Clear Channel CEO, Justin Cochrane, encouraged Firrell’s purpose for the public displays saying, “We’re proud to be supporting this project that opens up public conversation on progressiveness and promotes Fairness – one of Clear Channel’s core values.”

Make Time for Fun

Earning impressions on DOOH screens could be simply through non-intrusive, fun, and engaging videos. Chive TV does just that with the goal of capturing people’s short attention spans via viral, thrilling short videos – ideal for out-of-home spaces with high dwell times.


The beauty of DOOH is that it’s multi-purposeful, used as an advertising medium, a TV screen, social media, an easel, or a news source. In another sense, DOOH doesn’t just have to be used as a tool for advertisement. With the freed-up space, why not display public works of art by local artists or support a cause that aligns with your company’s values? Maximize the programmatic-fueled technology of DOOH to create smarter cities that benefit communities and advertisers alike.

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Written By: Julia Cramer

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  • Post published:September 29, 2022
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