OOH Ads influence 4 verticals: Pharma, Streaming, Luxury, Alcohol

Published: April 12, 2023

The latest "Consumer Insights and Intent Q1 2023" report from Harris Poll and OAAA reveals the impact out-of-home (OOH) advertising has on consumer shopping behavior in specific industry verticals.

Let's break down the findings and see how brands can connect with audiences through OOH: 

OOH Ads are a Prescription for Pharmaceutical Success

More than 50% of Americans recall seeing OOH ads for Pharma

Those that noticed the Pharma OOH ad took the following actions: 

  • 50% of Gen Zers made a purchase at a retail location 
  • 38% visited the website
  • 35% searched for more information about the product 
  • 32% shared by word-of-mouth about the product with family/friends

Product benefits are a key driver of consumer interest in OOH ads by pharmaceutical companies. Others include: 

  • 49% of Gen Zers said product pricing
  • 45% said symptoms being treated
  • 38% said the effectiveness of the product compared to other brands

Bringing Streaming to the Big Screen

Nearly 6 in 10 participants recall seeing OOH TV/Video Streaming Service ads

Of those that noticed these OOH ads, 82% were likely to engage in some way, including: 

  • 43% searched for the service online
  • 37% visited the website
  • 28% asked family/friends 
  • 27% shared by word-of-mouth

The most interesting TV/Video Streaming services included: 

  • 33% said new programming 
  • 30% said TV or streaming specials
  • 23% said original programming content

Style the Streets with OOH

50% of survey respondents recall seeing out-of-home ads for luxury apparel

An impressive 9 out of 10 respondents interacted with a luxury apparel OOH ad in some manner, which included:

  • 49% visited the brand’s website  
  • 33% watched product reviews on social media 
  • 31% followed the brand on social media  
  • 30% shared brand info by word of mouth 

Creative messaging interest varies among different demographics:

  • 50% of Gen Zers were interested in price or cost-saving opportunities 
  • 52% of Urban 1M+ were interested in product quality 
  • 36% of adults were interested in new items on the market 

Raise Your Glass to OOH

Two-thirds of 21+ remembered seeing OOH advertisements for alcoholic beverages. That percentage saw an increase among various consumer segments: 

  • 79% of Gen Z 
  • 78% of Urban 1M+ 
  • 74% of Men 

Among those, 77% were inclined to engage in some manner:

  • 52% made a purchase at a retailer’s location
  • 34% visited the location or retailer’s website
  • 33% shared the info by word of mouth 

Respondents found the following alcohol ads to be the most intriguing:

  • 34% said new products on the market 
  • 32% said price and cost-saving opportunities 
  • 28% said a variety of product offerings 

OOH is striking the right cords with consumers, and brands are taking notice. If your brand is ready to activate a DOOH campaign and drive measurable results, our expert team is ready to help you plan your DOOH campaign at no charge to you! Email us at concierge@adomni.com.

Written By: Julia Cramer

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