OOH is Globally BACK! 12 days | 11 flights | 9 cities | 3 continents

Published: July 12, 2022

For me, life in the office above my garage is frustrating. I hugely admire how the holistic, professional community pulled together to keep going, remain proactive, and thrive in the world forced upon us. However, I still feel it is unnatural.

Humans are social creatures in the main (I mean social, not stare at a screen while all alone social). Look at yourself as a consumer right now. Are you dying to stream more shows or stare at social content on your phone? Or, like me, are you loving our newly recovered freedom? I have seen a movie, watched a basketball game, and attended a music concert in the last two weeks. I've visited family, attended Cannes, and managed to do 11 flights and visit nine cities worldwide. Sitting here now, waiting for my last flight (which was delayed 5 hours), I have to say I loved every second.

I've often stated that the only way to reach me as a consumer is through the 'out-of-home' medium, and it seems that brands around the world have taken the 'downtime' opportunity of Covid to figure out how to do it better. Creativity is back! Everywhere I visited, I was subject to accurate, relevant, and humorous or thought-provoking DOOH. I feel that those who have focused their careers in the online space may also have revealed their own lust to be 'out-of-home' after having experienced it taken away. I've seen brands who have traditionally spent all their funds in a 'digital-indoor' world communicate with their newly freed audiences in a rewarding, understanding, and relevant way, en masse.

Bars, airports, sporting arenas, and the world's high streets are bursting with people who are thrilled to be there, in a way we have never seen before. People have been re-given the gift of freedom, and brands that see that, and figure out how to be part of that euphoria, will stay in our hearts and minds for years to come.

Written By: Mike Cooper

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