Our Day in the Sun is Here

Published: November 18, 2021

The world of advertising is in a great state of flux. Consumer attention, the holy grail for every brand marketer, is getting harder and harder to obtain.

Think of your consumer journey in your daily work and personal life. It is so different than even a few years ago. If you are like me and my household, you are:

  • Rarely watching live television (except for sports). Ad-free streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ have taken a big chunk of our living room experience.
  • Spending more time than ever on your phone, and in my case as an iPhone guy, I have not removed Apple's new default privacy settings.
  • Using Google Chrome web browser with the knowledge that in the not-too-distant future, the end of browser cookies will impact what ads you see online.
  • Feeling like social media could be renamed anti-social media. So many people are admitting to feeling worse when using it than when not.

Feel familiar?

All of this adds up to a significant challenge for the modern marketer and a significant opportunity for the digital out of home advertising industry (DOOH).

DOOH does not suffer from any of the issues mentioned above. We are not interrupting consumers to show our ads and our audience size and volume of consumer attention is growing.

People are spending more time than ever outside of their homes because we have a deep, human need to do so.

Here is the Apple iPhone data from yesterday (Nov 17, 2021) that proves it -

driving: up 48% and walking: up 46%

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Since we founded Adomni almost seven years ago, our guiding belief has been that innovation in the form of programmatic technology paired with people with creative ideas to harness it, has transformative potential. Transformative potential to change the way the game is played, and as a result, to drive significant business results for advertisers and in-turn, growth for the DOOH industry.

The flux landscape that we are all living in has only emboldened Adomni's mission. The in-home and mobile phone consumer experience with advertising is different and diminished. And where consumer attention drops in one area, it rises in another.

If you are a digital marketer, omni-channel marketer, out of home marketer who is used to doing things a certain way because that is what you have always done, we challenge you to:

  1. Tweak your media mix.
  2. Test new channels and new approaches.
  3. Explore new creative content ideas.
  4. Take some risks.

Some won't work. Many will. Overall, the approach will pay off.

We are first-hand seeing it pay off in industry categories like sports betting, crypto, DTC, retail, CPG and several others.

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Programmatic ad buying, dynamic creative, attribution reporting, mobile device capture and retargeting. These are here today. Available to launch today. And at scale today.

Everything we at Adomni and as an industry have tirelessly worked to build for many years is now front and center.

Digital out of home's day in the sun is here. The present and the future for DOOH is so so so bright.

Written By: Jonathan Gudai

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