Rise in Outdoor Experiences: An Emerging Opportunity for DOOH Advertisers

Published: March 16, 2022

The latest report from Harris Poll in partnership with OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America), “Consumer Insights and Intent Q1 2022,” reinforces the powerful influence OOH will have as consumers spend more time outdoors and notice their surroundings. 

Let’s take a look at the key takeaways and see why leading advertisers are excited to add OOH to their omnichannel marketing mix:

Summer Vacation Travel will be in full force

85% of Americans are planning to travel this summer. This is a staggering amount of people anticipating to leave their homes compared to last year. Of those traveling, 79% plan to drive, and 46% plan to fly to their destinations.

Most vacationers are pursuing destinations outside of where they live: 

  • 78% plan to visit another city/town
  • 65% are likely to visit a resort/beach
  • 53% are likely to hike or camp at parks
  • 31% are likely to travel internationally

Commuting is growing among workers

80% of workers are planning to commute at least part-time to the office in spring 2022 and 84% are planning to commute at least part-time in the summer!

Plus, comfort levels are rising for public transportation, 

  • 74% of Millennials in big cities are traveling by train 
  • 69% of adults are comfortable flying on a plane
  • Over 60% of adults feel safe using ride-shares or taxis 

72% of respondents said they try to get out of the house as often as they can, even if it’s for a walk or a short drive.

Consumers are noticing OOH ads more than before the pandemic!

43% of consumers are noticing OOH more than ever

That percentage increases by demographic: 

  • Nearly 60% of Millennials notice OOH ads
  • 62% in cities of 1M+ population 
  • 63% of Gen Z notice OOH ads

78% said they are annoyed with ads that interrupt viewing, listening, and reading experiences, and 68% reported tuning out online digital ads.

Not to mention, 42% of shoppers are influenced by OOH ads to purchase gifts on special occasions. 

OOH is driving Automotive Industry: 

Automotive Ads + OOH are generating more attention among consumers 

  • Half of consumers living in 1M+ population cities notice OOH ads 
  • 50% of Gen Z notice OOH ads
  • 49% of men and Millenials notice OOH ads 
  • Nearly 40% of consumers overall notice OOH ads 

Of those that notice OOH Automotive ads: 

  • 43% took action on their device 
  • 38 visited the dealer or website 
  • 38% did online research about the dealer or brand 
  • 30% shared information by word-of-mouth 

After two years of the COVID pandemic, Americans have become restless, desiring to travel, commute back to work, or just try to find ways to leave their homes and take in the world around them. OOH is an influential marketing medium that advertisers can use to reach audiences while they are on the move. And more importantly, programmatic DOOH creates a dynamic, targetable, and measurable campaign with complete flexibility. If you’re ready to reach consumers outside of their homes this year, our team is prepared to help plan your DOOH campaign today, at no charge to you! Contact us at concierge@adomni.com

Written By: Julia Cramer

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