DOOH is a Slam Dunk 

Published: March 7, 2022

March Madness is only a week away from kicking off in Indianapolis, and sports bettors and fans are getting ready to embrace the basketball spirit. After an unprecedented and unique game last year, the basketball tournament will return to its regularly scheduled format: a 68-team field played out across three weeks at 14 sites. 

With legal sports betting expanding throughout the United States, betting advertisers need to find ways to reach audiences on and off the court. TV and online media require significant investments, surpassing nearly $1B, and have limited flexibility with a high chance of skipping, blocking, or bot viewership. That is why advertisers need to invest in programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. 

PDOOH is an excellent way to capture fans and sports gamblers alike with its flexible, targetable, and measurable capabilities - activating at relevant times and locations in real-time, such as reacting to game updates or live betting odds. With DOOH, advertisers can plan and launch campaigns to their desired audience, extending beyond the game's lifeline - without camouflaging into the background. 

DOOH is proven to drive consumer action and boost brand awareness with flexibility and immediacy. According to Nielsen, 90% of adults notice some form of out-of-home advertising, and 66% of viewers take measurable action on their mobile devices. Brick and Mortar advertisers can ensure their brands are top-of-mind by targeting on-the-go audiences, whether they are shopping at competitive retailers or near advertisers’ store locations. Dayparting and budget allocation are timely and flexible features that help marketers maximize campaign performance. 

Brands can further increase basketball fan engagement by integrating online media into their DOOH ad. For example, Lamar Advertising partnered with the NCAA to launch a dynamic and interactive ‘#BillboardBrackets’ campaign during March Madness. Using data-driven technology, Lamar featured live game scores on billboards with the hashtag Billboard Brackets, targeting specific audiences like college students to drive engagement and provide updated information about the game. With the hashtag, sports fans were able to join in on the discussion, with their tweets being shown on Lamar’s Facebook page and digital billboards. 

Last year, March Madness saw an uptick in sports betting, with nearly 47 million people wagering on the tournament, with chances to further increase this year. Sports betting companies can increase signups, raise awareness, and boost engagement, reaching sports fans across cities where sports betting is legalized with real-time betting odds quickly and efficiently throughout the match with DOOH. 

Digital out-of-home advertising offers an impactful marketing approach to pinpoint audiences wherever they are. Brands can stay top-of-mind and capitalize on significant moments throughout the tournament to inform, engage, and most importantly, drive sales, making it effortless for advertisers to achieve their campaign goals. Ready to plan your March Madness campaign? Our team of DOOH experts is prepared to help at no charge to you! Contact us at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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