Score BIG with Video IRL during The BIG Game

Published: January 5, 2023

The BIGGEST football game of the year is headed to Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas for the first time! With only a month away, brands still have time to get in on the action and boost sales, generate awareness, and stand out from the advertising saturation during a peak seasonal marketing event. 

Last year’s game secured its place as the third-most watched television show in history, catapulting the stakes for advertisers to unprecedented heights. CBS and Paramount are now seeking major sponsors to pay upwards of $7 million for a 30-second advertising spot. This hefty price has created a high-stakes environment, placing immense pressure on advertisers vying for these coveted spots. In-game ad spots have sold out. However, there is an alternative, more cost-efficient opportunity for savvy marketers to make a substantial impact during this year’s game.  

Video IRL (In Real Life) is a great opportunity for brands to gain maximum exposure before, during, and after the Big Game, while amplifying their social media campaigns! This powerful advertising strategy allows brands to make a greater impact and bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds.   

When advertisers seamlessly adapt their social media campaigns onto real-world screens, they cultivate an unmissable and unskippable presence, ensuring repeated exposure across multiple screens. This innovative approach not only captures attention but also delivers a distinctive and immersive experience, unparalleled in its impact and engagement. Seize the opportunity to make a lasting impression that resonates with audiences, creating a memorable experience like never before!  

Here are a few ways strategies for brands to maximize Video IRL:

Blanket Team’s Hometown

Engage in an impactful strategy by targeting the two teams’ hometowns with strategically placed real-world ads leading up to the week of the Super Bowl. This strategy aims to create a widespread buzz and captivate the attention of fervent fans, fostering a deep sense of engagement and excitement across the cities. 

Geotargeting adds a layer of precision to the campaign, enabling advertisers to tailor their messages based on the unique characteristics of each location. By strategically selecting screens near sports arenas, inside bars and restaurants, and other venues fans frequent, advertisers ensure that their content is seamlessly integrated into the daily lives of their target audiences. This not only enhances visibility but also increases the likelihood of consideration and conversion.

Audience Targeting

Adomni’s Audience IQ allows brands to create and target custom audiences based on demographics, behaviors, and interests, ensuring their message is reaching the right people at the right time. By understanding the nuances of the local fan base, marketers can create compelling messages that speak directly to the hearts of their audience. This personalized approach ensures the brand not only captures attention but also establishes a meaningful connection with the diverse fan demographics.

Statement Route Ad Placement

Strategically placing ads along the route to the stadium provides a unique opportunity to intercept the natural flow of fan movement. Whether it's billboards along major highways or even on public transportation, advertisers can create an immersive experience that builds anticipation as fans journey to the epicenter of the action.

Street-Level Touchdown

Street-level placements in high-traffic areas provide a direct and tangible connection with pedestrians and commuters. By leveraging the bustling energy of city streets, advertisers can score a "street-level touchdown," ensuring that their message is not just seen but becomes an integral part of the urban landscape, generating buzz and excitement among passersby.


Maximize your advertising impact during the highly anticipated game with real-world screens. Craft compelling and distinctive ads to stand out in the crowd. In a landscape where consumers are increasingly ignoring digital ads, Video IRL provides a unique opportunity to engage sports enthusiasts effectively. Drive tangible results with our team, ready to assist you at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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