Elevate the Madness with Video IRL

Published: January 16, 2023

It’s almost that time of year again and basketball fans are rejoicing! 

The 2024 men’s basketball NCAA tournament released its schedule with Selection Sunday starting on March 17th. With 56.3 million U.S. adults filling out a bracket last year alone and almost a third stating they’d watch at least one game, brands need to find ways to make an impact during the tournament. 

Last year, Sportico reported ad spots during the championship game were priced between $2.2 million and $2.3 million, while 30-second units for the earlier rounds were bought for a few hundred thousand dollars. 

The ad spot cost can put marketers in a high-pressure bracket, with limited rewards. However, brands can be the unexpected underdog, pulling off a ‘Cinderella story’ in sales and awareness by leveraging the dynamism and visual appeal of Video IRL (In Real Life)

Video IRL is a seamless and flexible advertising platform to gain maximum exposure by extending your video campaigns to screens in the real world. There are a few strategies brands can take advantage of to grab online and offline audiences' attention leading up to and throughout the game weeks! 


Video IRL offers time-sensitive updates to keep fans in the loop - featuring live odds, promoting the final bracket deadlines, and announcing upcoming games, bracket breakers, unforeseen events, and more! Sports fans and bettors can receive real-time insights into the most relevant information while putting your brand at the center of the action.


Context is key! To navigate the basketball madness, incorporating video IRL is a strategic tool for leveraging creative relevance to gain a competitive edge. Brands stand to make a lasting impact by seamlessly integrating their products into recent basketball highlights, or showcasing product ads with language that resonates with tournament events! 

Moreover, advertisers can speak to audiences at the right time with the right messaging for their environment. Choose from an extensive range of +1600 custom audience segments or input first-party data. Plus, strategically amplify brand presence on specific screens or locations, ensuring maximum exposure to their target demographics.

For example, a brand can connect with basketball fans during the NCAA tournament, by placing ads in high-traffic areas like bars and restaurants where fans gather to watch the games. To enhance precision, the brand can use dayparting, ensuring that the ads are activated when the games are on, maximizing engagement during peak moments of excitement! 

By leveraging these capabilities, brands drive consideration, boost purchase intent, and increase sales. The versatility of Video IRL empowers advertisers to create a tailored and impactful marketing strategy, maximizing the effectiveness of their campaigns and fostering stronger connections with their audiences.


Social media wields a profound influence on the NCAA Tournament, and Video IRL emerges as the ideal catalyst to elevate real-world social interactions! Brands now have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate online community engagement onto larger-than-life screens. 

Moreover, tapping into Creators represents a pivotal strategy to amplify impact. Leveraging the power of influential content creators not only extends the reach but also injects authenticity and relatability into the tournament narrative, fostering a deeper connection with the audience. 

Video IRL positions itself as a powerhouse within the NCAA Tournament, primed to transform your advertising campaign into a success! Whether seizing the spotlight during crucial game moments or crafting eye-catching creatives at the right location and time, brands can dominate and captivate audiences offline and online, ensuring a commanding presence through tournament madness. If you are ready to bring your campaign to video IRL screens, contact concierge@adomni.com.

Written By: Julia Cramer

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