Social Media Campaigns Amplified with DOOH

Published: July 25, 2023

Social media advertising has become a crucial component of any successful marketing campaign. With nearly 60% of the world's population now considered social media users, standing out and reaching your target audience is more critical than ever. To complicate matters further, people are exposed to between 6,000 and 10,000 advertisements a day on average. With countless brands vying for attention online, the question remains: how can you stand out when every brand under the sun is clamoring for attention online?  

The answer lies in finding an innovative way to capture audiences' attention while breaking through the ad clutter. And that’s where the solution of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising comes into play! According to an MRI|Simmons' study, OOH can amplify the reach of every other major media channel to more than 90%, and this amplifying effect is particularly potent when combined with social media today. Hang in there as we explore the benefits and simplicity of amplifying your social media advertising campaigns with DOOH.

Enhances Engagement:

One of the key advantages of this combined approach is the higher level of engagement it fosters. Combining DOOH with your social media campaigns allows you to build on your existing audiences while reaching them with contextualization while they are out and about in the real world. 

The beauty of combining these two channels not only captures audiences’ attention but creates a more cohesive and consistent brand experience across different touchpoints. By delivering the same compelling content from social media to large screens in public spaces, you strengthen your brand's presence and increase engagement.

This concept is not unfamiliar, as exemplified by Kylie Jenner launching her cosmetics brand, Kylie Skin. Jenner utilized a dual approach, combining a billboard campaign with a strong social media presence to promote her brand effectively. With the help of Adomni, this innovative marketing approach generated substantial online buzz, leading to an incredible response from her audience. Within a matter of hours, her products were completely sold out, showcasing the power of combining DOOH and social media in creating a compelling and highly impactful brand promotion.

Ocean Outdoor, in partnership with Neuro-Insight, further validates the effectiveness of DOOH in enhancing social media campaigns. Their study revealed the "priming effect," where individuals were more drawn to brands on social media after exposure to DOOH ads. This phenomenon was evident in both London and Manchester, with noticeable increases in brand approach metrics, emotional response, and dwell time.

In London, 87% of participants were likelier to notice a brand on social media if they were on a DOOH ad. In Manchester, participants showed a 5% rise in emotional response towards the brands, indicating the positive influence of DOOH on emotional engagement. Furthermore, the dwell time, representing the duration of engagement with social media posts, increased by 1.3x in Manchester, further confirming the substantial benefits of DOOH integration with social media strategies.

Social + OOH Drives Real-World Action:

Another significant benefit of combining DOOH with social media is its impact on consumers taking action. Extensive research led by OnDevice revealed campaigns are 23% more effective when combining social media with DOOH. The impact amplifies even further when driving footfall into physical stores is a primary objective, with an average increase of 68%. 

Sophie Pemberton, Strategy Director at Talon, echoes these sentiments, “We know that no single media channel can deliver it all, and a planner’s ability to deploy the right message across the media mix is needed now more than ever. This research proves our hypothesis that digital OOH is an increasingly important and under-utilized video channel and, by sitting alongside social media, can deliver more powerful branding and action results for our clients.”

It ensures repeated exposure to your audiences during their daily journey and online. Being visible multiple times throughout the day significantly boosts brand recall and enhances the likelihood of converting potential customers into loyal in-store patrons. 

Maximizes Reach Across New Audiences:  

Social media and OOH together form a dynamic duo that revolutionizes how brands connect with new audiences! By combining social media campaigns with OOH ads, businesses can leverage the strengths of both platforms to drive unprecedented engagement and reach. For example, an outdoor billboard featuring a captivating hashtag or QR code can entice passersby to engage with the brand on social media, creating a powerful cross-channel promotion that amplifies the campaign's impact across online and offline audiences.

According to an international Kantar and FB study, adding OOH significantly increases effectiveness. The study found that when combined with OOH ads, Facebook reached a higher number of new audiences, particularly among younger audiences that closely match the brand's target group.

FB study graphic

Using both Facebook and OOH ads proved to be 15% more efficient than running Facebook ads alone, 13% higher than expected. This emphasizes the importance of integrating social media and OOH advertising to connect with and engage diverse audiences effectively.


With this data-backed approach, marketers can confidently embrace the fusion of social media and DOOH, unlocking the unparalleled potential to engage audiences and drive meaningful outcomes for their brands. If you're eager to elevate your social media campaigns to the big screen, Adomni offers a platform to help you realize your vision. Reach out to to explore how your brand can benefit from the fusion of DOOH and social media marketing. Embrace the future of advertising and captivate your audience in the real world!

Written By: Julia Cramer

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