The Flexibility of DOOH

Published: July 27, 2020

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is one of the most dynamic and flexible advertising media available. And especially today, having the ability to change your advertising budget, content, and demographics at the click of a mouse is of utmost importance. If you’ve never tried digital out of home advertising, see how easy it can be to reach thousands to millions of potential customers. 



Start, pause, or change your ad budget on demand

Just like online advertising, with DOOH you can easily adjust your advertising budget, pause it, and start it back. However, digital out of home can not be skipped, scrolled-by, or ignored. In fact, OOH has one of the highest recall rates of any advertising media available.

Change your ads on the fly

DOOH is one of the few advertising platforms where you can run multiple ads at the same time and also change them at the drop of a hat. This is important in today’s modern society where things change every day. Let your audience know that you are on top of recent events and tweak existing ads to get them just right.

Change locations and audiences segments

With thousands of locations and audience variabilities, DOOH can be used to reach any segment of the public. Through programmatic DOOH, it has never been easier to reach any audience with any advertising budget. Fine-tune your target audience or advertise to a wide range of people, the choice is yours.

Keep your business or product in front of your customers

DOOH comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. From large format digital billboards along roadways to gas pump kiosks to street furniture in foot traffic areas. The dynamic abilities of digital out of home allow you to reach your audience no matter where they are. 

Set your own dates, budget, and audience segments and adjust as you go. Digital out of home has helped many businesses reach their potential, see what it can do for you.

Written By: Shane Hutton

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