Why programmatic DOOH is perfect for political advertising

Published: August 11, 2020

The top two advertising mediums for political advertising have been online and tv for years, based on overall ad spend. Mainly because of the wide reach and audience targeting capabilities they provide.

Here’s the thing. Programmatic digital out of home delivers both mass reach and audience targeting. It’s big, bold, and in your face. Plus, so much more.

Can't be skipped

Unlike so many traditional media, out of home advertising can not be skipped, fast-forwarded, or turned off. Why pay for an advertisement that someone is just going to get annoyed at and skip as soon as they can. And it’s not just online ads, television ads are getting ignored more and more since we can all stream, record and control everything so much more. In the past, we were just glued to the tv with no device in our hands to distract us. 

Did you know that out of home advertising has one of the best reputations of any other media? That’s because it’s not disruptive: it doesn’t pop up in the middle of a video you are watching or take over an entire web page while you’re reading a news story.

No false numbers

Online advertising continues to struggle with fake views, impressions, and click stats. This is terrible news for millions of advertisers who are essentially paying for nothing. 

Out of home advertising can’t be faked or spoofed when it comes to impressions. It’s a real ad that’s viewed by real people (until cars start driving themselves, but that’s many years from now and a completely different story).

Freedom in OOH

Today’s political advertisers need the ability to change their message on the fly. Just like online advertising, programmatic DOOH allows you to easily change your creative within minutes. Additionally, you can pause or start your campaign at the click of a button or re-allocate budgets across different screens.

There’s no end to the possibilities with programmatic digital out of home for political advertising. Flexibility, speed, noticed, and cannot be skipped. Let’s not forget about audience targeting; you can target your political campaign to a specific demographic and get as granular as serving different ads by congressional districts or zip codes. Now is the time to shift TV and digital budgets into digital out of home.

Written By: Shane Hutton

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