DOOH: The Champion of Football’s Biggest Night

Published: January 11, 2022

Super Bowl LVII advertising preparation has long been underway, with marketers vying for commercial spots since September! And the prices are no laughing matter, hitting an all-time record-high cost of $7 million for a measly 30-second spot. Although we are a month away from the game, brands don’t need to fear; there are more accessible, cost-effective, and efficient strategies for advertising during the biggest sporting event of the year that can well surpass the duration of the football game. 

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is an economic investment compared to other media channels; plus, brands can flexibly reach sports fans and potential customers through multiple touchpoints with relevant messaging before, during, and after the Super Bowl! 

Let's start with DOOH targeting possibilities. Using DOOH demand-side platforms, like Adomni, brands can access a one-stop-shop platform to quickly and easily input desired audience segments, specific venue types, and locations they want to pinpoint, guaranteeing a cohesive and spot-on campaign.

During last year’s game, a well-known alcohol brand increased beverage sales and drove in-store traffic to 7-Eleven convenience stores in New York City with the help of DOOH's targetability. The campaign featured football-focused ad creative and took advantage of on-the-go audiences through rideshare and place-based screens, targeting adult males between the ages of 21 and 44. The campaign was a huge victory, driving a 39% lift in store visits from exposed audiences and delivering 10 million impressions in one month!

Brands not only can find audiences at the right time and location but can hold their attention and capitalize on memorable moments with contextually relevant messaging. According to 'The Moments of Truth' study done by some of the biggest names in OOH: Clear Channel, JCDecaux UK, and Posterscope, context relevance can improve advertising effectiveness by 17%. With Programmatic DOOH, advertisers can integrate environmental or event triggers into their campaign planning to keep up with crucial game events. 

For example, FanDuel and Sportradar partnered with Adomni Sports to run a month-long DOOH campaign on top of rideshare vehicles to get on-the-go sports fans and bettors excited for the national championship! FanDuel utilized DOOH's contextualization feature to deliver real-time dynamic live odds, updates on game schedules, and crucial moments, remaining relevant and sparking buzz during a peak seasonal marketing event. 

Digital out-of-home screens are not limited to upper-funnel marketing. Through Adomni’s mobile ID passback, exposed audiences can be retargeted across their mobile devices, giving consumers a complete omnichannel experience throughout the big game! Converging channels allow marketers to drive customers through the purchase funnel, starting with DOOH. This integration can lead to more eyes, thus spurring a lift in performance, such as visiting a website, finding a retail location, or making a purchase. 

Digital out-of-home advertising offers marketers a powerful platform to reach sports fans, sports bettors, and potential customers throughout the Super Bowl. By leveraging Adomni’s programmatic DOOH technology, brands and advertisers can prepare their big-game strategies with flexible and relevant opportunities for innovative campaigns across larger-than-life screens. There’s still time to create a campaign and launch before the big game! Our team of DOOH experts is prepared to help at no charge to you! Contact us at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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