Maximize Your Political Ad Investments With Real-World Reach

Published: February 6, 2023

As the echoes of the Iowa caucus votes settle, the unfolding presidential race is starting to look eerily reminiscent of the 2020 showdown between Biden and Trump. However, one striking difference lies in political advertising. 

This year, GroupM estimated political ad spending will reach $16 billion this year, a marked increase of 31.2% compared to the 2020 race. 

Amid an overwhelming deluge of political ads, it’s more crucial than ever for candidates and advocacy groups to maximize their political ad investments, reach voters, and strengthen their message during an important election season. 

Enter Political IRL (in real life), an emerging channel poised to serve as an effective medium for political advertisers. This platform not only engages constituents in both the real world and online but also breaks through ad clutter and fragmentation.

Let’s delve into a few reasons Political IRL stands out as the premier advertising medium:

Audience Approved

Political IRL has proven time and time again to be a stand-out advertising channel to audiences, with a higher net favorability than all forms of digital media, radio, podcasts, and streaming audio. 

The distinctiveness of IRL lies not only in its popularity but also in its unparalleled capacity for recall. Opting for the real world in your advertising strategy ensures a continuous and subtle exposure of your message to audiences, creating a lasting impact everywhere they go! In a study by OAAA and Harris Poll, over half of voters (55%) reported noticing a political real-world ad. And not only are voters noticing the ads, but political ads are swaying the decisions and piquing the general interest of over 50% of viewers in the candidates! 

Moreover, real world screens are one of the most trusted ad mediums. This substantial level of trust positions IRL as a powerful and effective medium for political advertisers aiming to establish a genuine connection with their target demographic.

Precision Targeting

Through Adomni’s DSP, political advertisers can target screens on a national, state, city, zip code, or congressional district level in specific markets. This allows for contextually relevant ads tailored to specific geographical locations, seamlessly connecting with audiences - on a grand or hyperlocal scale - as they navigate through their daily lives in the real world. 

Political advertisers can target specific audiences by using 1st party data or select from thousands of custom audience segments across demographics, behaviors, and interests.

Flexibility in a Dynamic Climate

An important component of any political campaign is maintaining relevance! Political IRL allows you to seamlessly start, stop, or change an ad campaign in minutes. This adaptability stands as a key asset in staying not just current but ahead of the curve in the fast-paced realm of political communication. Responding to shifts in voter behavior, political trends, or the news cycle becomes a streamlined process, ensuring that your message remains both timely and resonant.

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In this competitive advertising landscape, Political IRL is proven to be a powerful tool, offering candidates and advocacy groups a path to electoral success! With audience approval, unparalleled reach, and adaptability, this medium certifies politicians will connect with voters like never before, leaving a lasting imprint on their minds and influencing the crucial decisions that shape the course of elections. If you’re ready to reach voters, our team is ready to help plan your campaign today, at no charge to you! Contact us at

Written By: Julia Cramer

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