Embracing the summer surge for OOH

Published: June 22, 2021

American consumers are shifting their behavior and the desire to spend time outdoors and away from digital screens is even stronger than before the outbreak of COVID-19. 

A recent article published by MediaPost cited Mindshare’s most recent research in their Wave 20 edition of the "Coronavirus: U.S. Insights" tracking study in which MediaPost reported, “findings that bode well for media consumed out-of-home, especially outdoor, place-based media, and radio.” This tracking study arrives not long after the release of The Harris Poll’s "Consumer Insights and Intent: Q2 2021 Summer Travel" which confirms similar good news regarding consumer behavior and OOH. 

Evident from research published in both studies is the prevailing sense of optimism which seems to be present in American consumers as we head into mid-summer. According to the Wave 20 study, 43% of consumers are feeling hopeful about returning to a post-pandemic world. In fact, a third of Americans expect to attend public live events, such as concerts or festivals. Notably, The Harris Poll’s study discovered that 69% of American consumers became aware of public events through OOH ads, especially for those residing in big cities. 

After spending the past year under strict limitations, consumers are ready to embrace new surroundings and experiences outside of the home. A driving factor is that more people are reporting burnout from too much time spent around digital screens. Mindshare indicated that 34% plan to spend more time outside and 21% will spend less time online to combat screen fatigue. 63% of participants in the Harris Poll study said they often tune out digital device ads. With a revitalized fresh perspective of the outdoors, 41% say they are noticing OOH more now than before the pandemic. 

This aligns with the ad spend surge most media experienced in May, most notably out of home advertising. While April was a slow rebound with a 10% increase year over year, May surged to 98% over last year. 

Aligned with previous predictions around consumer behavior after the widespread distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, American consumers are out and about again, creating countless opportunities for OOH. 

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Written By: Erica Wisor

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