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SuperDraft scores big for Super Bowl LV, harnessing the speed and agility of programmatic DOOH

SuperDraft utilized Adomni to plan and launch a last-minute national programmatic DOOH + mobile campaign in a total of 5 hours

What a $5.5 Million Super Bowl Ad Can Buy in OOH

By Billboard Insider
Billboard Insider reached out to Adomni, to quantify how many out of home impressions a $5.5 Million dollar campaign budget can buy.

Out of home in 2021

One thing all the research and publications agree on is that out of home market share and ad spend will grow in 2021.

More consumer journeys and how DOOH reaches them daily

Reaching your audience EVERYWHERE has never been easier and out of home is the perfect advertising medium to do so.

Digital Out-of-Home: A Re-Emerging Medium for Franchise Brands

By Steve Schildwachter for
“Re-emerging,” is appropriate because digital out-of-home has caught up to modern ad standards. And it will be a critical way to connect with re-emerging consumers getting out and about in 2021 after the quarantine of 2020.

How DOOH reaches consumers throughout their daily journey

The beauty of DOOH is that it is omnipresent throughout a consumer’s daily journey. Let’s look at some typical consumers and how out of home reaches them throughout the day.

Consumer’s preference for Uber promises successful DOOH campaigns with Uber OOH

A recent study conducted by MFour asked ridershare users to compare Uber and Lyft. Let’s look at the key finding and what they mean for advertisers displaying their ads on Uber OOH.

The many different venue types in DOOH

From gas station screens to Uber vehicle car toppers to 48’ billboards, digital out of home (DOOH) certainly has a wide array of screen choices for your advertising to be displayed on.

6 AdTech Leaders Join Forces to Improve Programmatic DOOH Standards for 2021

By Sudipto Ghosh for MarTech Series
The 6 adtech leaders include Adomni, Broadsign, Place Exchange, Verizon Media, VIOOH, and Vistar Media. They join forces to deliver parameters for defining programmatic DOOH inventory.

Out of home ad content ideas

Our DOOH experts have outlined a few suggestions and examples of OOH advertising ideas that will give you confidence that your ads will generate the results you are looking for.

How to implement a successful call-to-action in DOOH

Some great CTA campaigns for DOOH include driving audiences to your website, your physical store, or even following you on social media, where you can continue to market your product to them.

COVID impact on consumer behavior and OOH

The Harris Poll in partnership with OAAA recently published a study about COVID-19’s impact on consumer behavior, shopping, and plans for the 2020 holiday season. Let’s take a look at the key findings and how they impact advertisers.

Holiday OOH advertising that works

This holiday season, take a multi-channel approach to your advertising. Consider utilizing a mix of social media, digital billboards, gas stations or rideshare toppers, mobile, digital, and shopping mall or grocery store displays to promote your products.

Black Friday & the holidays during COVID

You should consider how “the new normal” will affect your advertising and plan accordingly so you get the most return out of your investments. 

Uber OOH plans ad network expansion to Chicago, LA in Q4

By Natalie Koltun for Mobile Marketer
Uber plans to expand its cartop advertising network, Uber OOH powered by Adomni, to Chicago and Los Angeles in Q4, Uber Cartops Lead Garrett Spitzer said Thursday on a virtual panel during the Digital Place-based Advertising Association’s video summit.

pDOOH lends spurs to omnichannel plans: Experts at DPAA Summit

By Bhawana Anand for Media 4 Growth
pDOOH can bring the outdoor medium onto a level playing field with other channels. A panel discussion pointed to the various features of programmatic DOOH that help OOH to be at par with mainline advertising channels.

OOH Insider Podcast – Uber Art with Jonathan Gudai (Adomni) and Rob Anders (Niio Art)

Art on top of rideshare cars on digital screens! Pretty neat, right? This partnership between Niio/Adomni/Uber because it really is nice to look at and in a world where we are bombarded by advertising everywhere, a cleansing of the palate seems only fitting.

How DOOH completes the omni-channel buy

Marketers are reaching their target audience in the house and at work. Now it’s time to add DOOH into the mix and bridget the gap between all the media by connecting with consumers when they are outside of their home, for a true omni-present experience.

Ad-Tech Company Adomni Is Targeting Voters in Digital Out-of-Home Spots

By: Tiffany Moustakas at AdWeek – Adomni, the digital out-of-home (OOH) ad-tech company, is welcoming political marketers with open arms, offering them a chance to display ads in more than 200,000 programmatically-connected screens across the U.S.

Political Advertisers Turn To No-Skip DOOH To Reach Voters

By: Laurie Sullivan at MediaPost – Consumers are traveling, but mostly by recreational vehicles (RVs) and cars, making digital out-of-home the preferred advertising media for some politicians, as digital platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter implement tight restrictions.

Digital Out Of Home – We’ve come a long way!

Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH)… what started back in 2005 or so, when the first digital billboard was installed, has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 15 years.

The art of mixing digital billboards with digital mobile billboards

Digital Out of Home Advertising has come a long way in the past few years. Because of the recent partnership between Adomni and Uber, resulting in the new Uber OOH media channel, exciting capabilities have opened up for advertisers to target consumers in very unique ways.

Better brand awareness through OOH

Most advertisers already know out of home plays an important role in brand awareness for new or existing brands, but brand awareness doesn’t have to be boring, like your logo and website only on an ad. Let’s look at some clever branding campaign ideas that you can do to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Adomni founder and CEO Jonathan Gudai on Billboard Insider Podcast

Billboard Insider podcast hosted Jonathan Gudai to talk about how the company’s joint venture with Uber complements out of home and that programmatic out of home will double in 2-4 years

Adomni expands cartop advertising program to include Niio digital artwork

To provide visual inspiration, Adomni will intersperse curated moving image artworks from Niio into the digital out of home advertising loop

The history of Political out of home advertising

Out of home advertising has played a huge role in political campaign advertising in the past century. With the elections fast approaching, let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how past campaigns have utilized out of home.

Adomni Demonstrating a Political Get Out and Vote DOOH Strategy

By Billboard Insider: Adomni shows how to persuade people to get out and vote using digital out of home advertising to deliver a message on over 160,000 programmatically connected screens across the U.S.

Social media, political advertising, and DOOH

It’s important to have a healthy mix of DOOH with your social media or online advertising campaign. Take control of your political campaigns with Adomni; how much you spend, how far you reach, and who you advertise to.

Why programmatic DOOH is perfect for political advertising

There’s no end to the possibilities with programmatic digital out of home for political advertising. Flexibility, speed, noticed, and cannot be skipped. Now is the time to shift TV and digital budgets into digital out of home.

The Flexibility of DOOH

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is one of the most dynamic and flexible advertising channels available. And especially today, having the ability to change your advertising budget, content, and demographics at the click of a mouse is of utmost importance.

OOH travel patterns and projections

Traffic is everything in out of home advertising. There’s no doubt there was a slow down in traffic numbers the last few months, but people are moving again.

Vail Resorts is now available on Adomni

Reach the luxury, skier audience on three Vail Resorts Mountains – Vail, Breckenridge and Beaver Creek.

Uber inks deal with Adomni to put ad displays atop vehicles

By Adweek: It’s Uber’s first foray as an ad publisher

Creating a political OOH campaign

By Shane Hutton: Consider out of home for your political campaign advertising.

Finding professional digital out of home ad designers

By Shane Hutton: Your ad creative is arguably the single most important part of your out of home advertising campaign

New year, bigger team!

Adomni welcomes 7 new team members in January 2020

How to define & target your audience

By Shane Hutton: Your target market is most likely to purchase your product or service

Writing OOH ad copy that sells

By Shane Hutton: You don’t have to be a published author to create ad copy that works

5 ways to improve your digital marketing mix

As we look forward to a new year, it is crucial to analyze ways to improve your campaign planning

Digital Billboards for Dummies

The 411 on how digital billboards work

IZON announces Adomni integration

Adomni advertisers can now reach the golfer audience via IZON’s in-cart video advertising screens.

Out of home sales predictions for 2020

Billboard Insider asked four automated out of home sales platform execs to share predictions for 2020 and this is what they said:

Auction based Vs. non-auction based programmatic OOH

By Tasty Ad: Generally, there are two types of programmatic out of home buying. Auction based and non-auction based.

Selling your inventory programmatically & what to expect

By Tasty Ad: We’ve got the step by step process and the benefits of using programmatic technology.

Adomni partners with Zoom Media

Zoom Media’s network of digital video screens in 3000+ health clubs now available on Adomni

Why OOH salespeople shouldn’t worry about programmatic competition

There will always be a segment of advertisers that will prefer a more guided approach to their advertising campaigns

Attention spans are dwindling. What does that mean for advertisers?

A recent report by Neilsen and Taboola pointed out some interesting facts they’ve discovered about the human attention span. Let’s take a look at what this means for advertisers and the out of home industry.

Adomni Partners with Vengo Labs

Vengo’s network of interactive digital kiosks in gyms, colleges, hotels and offices are now available on the Adomni Ad Marketplace.

Static vs. traditional programmatic out of home

Will there always be a place in out of home for traditional media? Vinyl wraps, trivisions and posters were the cornerstones of the industry, and perhaps still are since they vastly outnumber digital screens. This media may be sticking around for a while, but how it’s purchased may change.

Who is Programmatic Advertising for?

Programmatic out of home advertising is the wave of the future as younger generations seem to prefer this over traditional OOH buying methods…But exactly what type of advertiser is the best fit for programmatic ad buys? It’s a much wider gamut than you might think.

Adomni Wins MediaPost 2019 Digital Out of Home Awards

Adomni Wins Mediapost 2019 Digital Out Of Home Awards Published: October 15, 2019 The Digital Out Of Home Awards honor the most creative, innovative and effective communications in digital out of home media. Recognition is given to the best work in out of home venues, innovative work by vertical industries and the best uses of […]

Adomni: Redefining Advertising in Digital Signage Space

Founded in the year 2015, Adomni is a leading advertising technology company headquartered in Las Vegas, NY. The company’s mission is to connect brands of all sizes with optimal consumers via a network of over 100,000 real world screens.

Digital Signage Week – NYC 2019

The first event to kick off Digital Signage Week in NYC was the Samsung Luncheon hosted at Samsung 837, the first-of-its kind cultural destination, digital playground and Marketing Center of Excellence, in the heart of the Meatpacking District in New York City.

Everything you need to know about Programmatic Taxi Screen Advertising

Buying a car-top ad space online is somewhat of a new capability in programmatic out of home, but it has been steadily growing for the past 2-3 years.

Andrea Messimer-Henley on How to Sell Out of Home

Today’s podcast guest is Andrea Messimer Henley talks about how to sell out of home. Andrea is Sr Director of Sales and Business Development at Adomni.

Adomni, Amobee, and All Things Out-of-Home

Jonathan Gudai was in the process of selling his e-commerce business in 2015 when he met the founders of “this Adomni thing,” and he “got really excited about the opportunity to help bring my e-commerce and online buying prowess to a medium that we all can agree is here to stay.”

DOOH Screen Types

OOH screens are not just billboards – there are so many other types of screens out of home is made up of. The main benefit of DOOH (Digital Out of Home) screens is their capability of being accessed and purchasable by advertisers through programmatic supply-side channels such as Adomni.

Audience IQ – What is it and how does it benefit programmatic OOH

Adomni’s Audience IQ offers advertisers the ability to choose from over 1,000 audience segments such as demographics, behavior, and interests to find the optimal locations for their programmatic out of home ad campaigns and then track the performance.

2020 Best Tech Startups in Las Vegas

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Las Vegas, Nevada. Adomni made the list.

The History & Future of Programmatic OOH

Where Did Programmatic Start?True online-based programmatic ad buying, in the sense of having a demand-side (advertisers wanting to place ads in front of potential customers) and a supply-side (places for advertisers to put their ads), didn’t officially start until 2007 when Yahoo launched Right Media.

Take Your Advertising to the People

A recent report by Nielsen in conjunction with OAAA showed more promising data for the value and impact of the out of home advertising industry.

The Power of OOH

Out of home advertising is big, bold, and hard to ignore. It serves as a great medium to advertise just about any product or service.

Geo-targeted Puma ads promoting NYC store stretch the concept of billboards

Puma has launched an advertising campaign to promote the impending opening of its New York City flagship store that geo-targets video ads to screens on top of taxis and rideshare vehicles based on where they are.

Audience and measurement working together in OOH

Advertisers today want to reach as many people who want to use their product or service as possible. And if they’re paying for each impression of the ad, they only want to serve it to the audience of highest probable conversion.

Targeting Specific Audiences in OOH

Do your advertisers ever ask about targeting specific audience segments? In an ever-changing world, advertisers are always seeking to specifically target their ideal audience, and they can now do so with their out of home campaigns.

Challenging Programmatic, A Chat with Jonathan Gudai, Adomni CEO

The Board Room is outdoor advertising’s unfiltered podcast which offers deeper insights on the Out of Home Advertising Industry. This pod ‘CAST’ is a challenging Q and A format of programmatic platform Adomni’s CEO, Jonathan Gudai.

Understanding OOH Impressions, CPM, Reach and how to use them

In the world of advertising, companies want to know how many people are seeing their ads. It’s the job of the out of home company or agency to deliver that info in a way advertisers can understand. Here is a look at the several ways this information is being reported, how to read the data, and understanding it.

Digital Out-Of-Home Comes of Age

“Here’s the thing: out-of-home advertising has always been an extremely powerful way to engage audiences,” Larry Grella, Executive Vice President, Sales and Business Development at Adomni.

Programmatic Myths Debunked!

Tasty Ad spoke with Adomni (a leader in programmatic OOH) to discuss some of the issues and preconceived notions many companies might have about using programmatic platforms to help sell their unsold ad spaces.

Considering Programmatic? Read This!

Tasty Ad spoke with Adomni (a leader in programmatic OOH) to discuss some of the issues and preconceived notions many companies might have about using programmatic platforms to help sell their unsold ad spaces.

The Evolution of the Out Home Industry

There have been 2 major disruptors in the Outdoor Advertising Industry since the mid 90’s. The first was the transition of billboard panels and paper poster’s, to high resolution digital printing. The second was the birth of the roadside LED Bulletin. The third evolution is happening now, which is very exciting, Programmatic.

The New Generation of Advertisers

A look at millennials (the new largest generation) and how they will influence our industry.

Adomni Expands Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Inventory via Programmatic Partnerships with Lamar Advertising Company and Clear Channel Outdoor

LAS VEGAS – Adomni, a leading demand side platform to plan and buy digital out-of-home advertising, announced today partnerships with Clear Channel Outdoor and Lamar Advertising, two of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the world.

Adomni’s Jonathan Gudai On the Road from Real Estate to Out-of-Home Advertising

Another summer is upon us, and with it, as 100 million Americans head out on some kind of vacation, come all sorts of opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers outside the home.

Kylie Jenner’s Latest Billboard Campaign Shows the Power of Programmatic

Kylie Jenner’s face—seductive, glowing and larger than life—is the centerpiece of her latest ad campaign, but, behind the scenes, programmatic technology is doing a heavy lift.

Four Out-Of-Home Advertising Trends At DSE 2019

At this year’s Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas on March 26-29, I explored some of the biggest concepts in the OOH advertising industry. Here are four OOH trends defining the ecosystem:

Formetco Advances Ease of Out-Of-Home Advertising Buys Through Integration with Adomni

Formetco recently announced ​the successful integration of its new enterprise software F360 CMS with the ​Adomni​ Demand Side Platform (DSP).​ IBO’s nationwide inventory of digital screens is now available to Adomni’s advertiser base, including national brands, agencies and hyperlocal buyers.

Adomni and Lightbox OOH Video Network Partner to Drive New Programmatic Revenue for Shopping Mall Screens

Adomni announced a partnership with Lightbox OOH Video Network. It is a leading digital out-of-home video network with a reach of 80 million monthly unique consumers, delivering 650 million monthly impressions, and spanning 300+ shopping malls in the U.S.

2 steps to delivering cutting edge content

Digital signage has many complex moving parts. However, at the end of the day, digital signage’s main purpose is to deliver the right content to the right audience.

Podcast: Automation can double the digital out of home ad spend

This week’s podcast guest Jonathan Gudai, the Founder and CEO of Adomni, talks about how automated buying can grow out of home revenues, barriers to automation, how Adomni helped UFC sell 15,000 tickets in 4 days and whether automation comes to static billboards.

Top Takeaways from ANA Media Conference in Orlando

The key themes at the at last week’s ANA Media Conference in Orlando Florida, April 10-12 2019, were brand relevance, brand safe environments, transparency, privacy issues and fraud. It was clear to me that Adomni delivers for screen/board owners and advertisers against all of these.

Billboard industry robust in Las Vegas

Back in the late ‘60s, Jonathan Fine’s grandfather was the valley’s second largest billboard owner through his company Sun Outdoor. Today, Fine and his partner Jonathan Gudai are working to change the out-of-home advertising space through their Las Vegas-based digital signage company, Adomni.

DSE 2019 Coverage

Adomni featured in the news during and after DSE 2019.

Adomni Launches First-of-its-Kind Platform Providing Audience Analytics for Digital Out-Of-Home Advertisers

Adomni announced a first-of-its-kind update to its platform: the ability to buy DOOH ads based on audience. The new feature gives advertisers the ability to spend campaign dollars more effectively and target their audience based on behaviors.

The Science of OOH Audience-Based Buying (Part 2 of 3)

One of the recent innovations for OOH audience insights is mobile phone location data — where the digital world and physical world intersect.

The Next Chapter of OOH: Audience-Based Buying (Part 1 of 3)

There is a massive groundswell that is building in the world of out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Game-changing technology is rolling out in big waves that not only stand to bring about significant new sources of revenue, but also fundamentally change the way OOH ads are bought and sold.

Big Ideas: “The next great advertising channel is the real world; Specifically, the digital screens that are popping up all around us” with Jonathan Gudai, CEO of Adomni

Innovation in advertising and digital signage technology will result in more relevant ads being delivered to more people on a growing number of out-of-home screens.

Adomni’s Jonathan Gudai on Changing How Digital Out-of-Home Connects with Consumers on the Move

Consumers in 2019 are moving about more than ever, with estimates of over 70% of our waking hours being spent out of home. Fortunately, for us as marketers, the fact that audiences aren’t home doesn’t mean that they can’t be effectively engaged.

BrightSign Media Players Now Integrate with Adomni’s Digital Out-of-Home Selling Platform

BrightSign, the global market leader in digital signage media players, today announced that its media players are now fully supported by Adomni, an open online platform to find and buy digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising.

Coopetition – a modern-day recipe for success

The world has changed. Coopetition has emerged, and I believe that the OOH companies who embrace the notion of inclusive growth are the ones that will thrive.

Adomni and Broadsign Partner to Enhance and Simplify Digital Out of Home Marketing

Adomni, an open online platform to find and buy DOOH advertising, and Broadsign, the leading DOOH marketing platform for media owners, are now working together to make buying, selling and launching DOOH campaigns easier than ever before.

UFC Moves Fight From Vegas To LA, Resells Tickets In Days Using Programmatic DOOH

The UFC had to move a fight scheduled for December 29 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles — less than a week before the event. They executed a campaign to switch the fight’s location just days before, with UFC’s out-of-home (OOH) ad agency, Outdoor Solutions, using Adomni’s self-service online platform.

Adomni CEO joins the Board of Directors for the DPAA

DPAA, the leading global organization for everything digital out-of-home, announced today that three executives have been voted onto the organization’s board of directors, including Jonathan Gudai, CEO of Adomni.

CES 2019 Recap

CES 2019 is officially in the books. Here’s a link to a full thought leadership piece on Linked-In by Jonathan Gudai of Adomni.

OOH Synergies: The Rising Tide That Lifts the Industry

I remember the first time I heard about Uber. My initial response was “wait, you get in some random person’s car and trust that they will safely take you where you want to go? Hmmmm. …” And then I tried it. There was no turning back.

Adomni CEO Speaks at DPAA 2018 Video Everywhere Summit

At the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit on October 31st, Adomni CEO Jonathan Gudai spoke about the importance of innovation to drive new streams of revenue for the OOH industry.